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iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH

Jusistr. 4, 72124 Pliezhausen
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the wire and cable industry
  • 05.04  Process monitoring systems

Process monitoring systems

  • 07  Software and various services for the wire and cable industry
  • 07.01  Software
  • 07.01.06  Production Data Acquisition (PDA) systems

Production Data Acquisition (PDA) systems

  • 07  Software and various services for the wire and cable industry
  • 07.02  Services
  • 07.02.03  Industry 4.0: Consulting and solutions

Industry 4.0: Consulting and solutions

Our products

Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

MES software EMC - The solution for future-oriented manufacturing companies

With EMC MES software, you establish the basis for the networked factory. The MES software EMC enables the digital control of processes on the store floor from planning and implementation to the traceability of production orders. The MES software EMC ensures the management as well as the controlling enforcement of the production targets and control of the store floor in real time. With the analyses and evaluations, the potentials are visualized in figures and graphics.

The modular architecture of the MES software EMC and the central MES database are the basis for a customer-oriented implementation - step-by-step or holistically - individual modules or as a complete system. EMC MES software integrates into the existing IT landscape and brings together the data streams from ERP and the store floor. Manufacturing companies benefit from the advantages of release-ready standard software. Powerful tools and options for configuration and customizing enable them to map their processes.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.machine data acquisition - immediately detect machine conditions & reasons for downtime

The EMC MES software ensures accurate and unambiguous real-time recording of machine states such as setup, production or downtime with the corresponding reasons for malfunction. Piece counts, scrap quantities and personnel information are further information.

New machines: These machines are equipped with an OPC server. Values are read and standardized directly from the controller via OPC/UA.

Mid-range machines:These machines usually have a CNC or PLC control system. These machines can be acquired via an OPC/UA server installed on hardware outside the machine.

Old machines:Using simple input/output scenarios, the status of the machine, reasons for downtime, production quantities and outputs are recorded. Electrical signals within the machine are wired potential-free with intelligent terminals.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.Shop Floor Data Collection - Complete order information in real time

The automatically recorded production data is supplemented by manufacturing data. This is worker information or the booking of downtime reasons due to organizational process disturbances. Scrap quantities that were not detected by the machine are managed in the temporal context.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.process data acquisition - monitoring and documenting processes

Continuously recorded process data such as temperatures, currents, pressures, etc. ensure quality assessment. The data is acquired event-driven or by a freely configurable temporal triggering. Gateways enable standardized reading of the values without adapting specific interfaces.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.detailed planning - machine updates planning

Detailed planning plans the orders based on the costing data from the operational ERP in a fine-granular way on each production machine and monitors the current process activities. The real-time data is specifically controlled and used. The algorithms continuously compare planning with production progress. Deviations are calculated, visualized and update the detailed planning automatically. Effects due to production delays can be assessed in real time. Situationally necessary changes to the plan, e.g. due to changes in the customer's quantities, are either taken over by the ERP or updated directly in the detailed planning.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.Monitoring - real-time visualization of production

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as OEE or shift performance are clearly displayed on tablets, PCs or large-screen monitors directly on the store floor. The selection of key performance indicators is based on the requirements of the respective area of responsibility. This gives your employees a permanent overview of their key figures and performance in real time.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.production controlling - analyses, reports & key figures

The module provides the most frequently needed standard reports and analyses. Cause and effect are displayed graphically. You can derive the appropriate measures. Company-specific analyses can be easily configured and called up in EMC.Portal. You can distribute the reports automatically and group-specific. The module serves as a reliable decision-making basis for the definition of goals, targets, and the initiation of measurable optimization measures.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.Tool and resource management - Preventive maintenance and servicing

The digital life cycle card for tools and machines replaces manual records and Excel entries for maintenance. In conjunction with automated machine data acquisition, maintenance can be determined, planned and carried out according to actual use. Maintenance plans can be drawn up according to precise criteria such as production quantity, cycles or operating hours. All maintenance work carried out with the spare parts is seamlessly documented in the digital lifecycle card and provides information on the current condition and availability of the resource.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.Energy management - Detect energy consumption

The module supports you in the collection, visualization and evaluation of energy data. Through the continuous recording of machine data (machine condition, quantities) and energy data (electrical energy, heat quantity, water or gas), energy wastage can be uncovered and clearly assigned. Not only the place of origin but also the reason why this energy waste occurred becomes clear.

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Product category: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EMC.Traceability - Complete traceability of products

The EMC.Traceability module ensures transparent production processes and enables products, components and batches to be traced in real time. With this module you can trace from which deliveries the raw materials originate, on which machine where and when under which production conditions the product was manufactured and where it was finally delivered to.

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About us

Company portrait

With the innovative MES software EMC, we offer groundbreaking solutions for future-oriented manufacturing companies for intelligent networking, digitalization and analysis of data flows on the store floor. The focus of our actions is the benefit for our customers, the increase in the efficiency of your production.

Our customers are SMEs in discrete manufacturing. In the forming industry we hold a market leading position. Our experience in IT & manufacturing processes guarantees a fast and successful implementation. In the support during operation we are a reliable partner for you.

We have been successful on the market for over 20 years. More than 100 companies successfully use our MES software EMC.

Our long-standing customer relationships stand for the professionalism of our solutions. Our will to innovate guarantees this for the future. We have been awarded for our solutions by the Alliance Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg.

This is what we at iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions stand for.