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REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.

39, Jon Barrett Road, 12563 Patterson, NY
Telephone +1 845 8787878

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wire 2022 hall map (Hall 9): stand F06-1

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wire 2022 fairground map: Hall 9


Timothy Copp

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.01  Pay-off systems for wires and cables

Pay-off systems for wires and cables

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.04  Accumulators


  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.17  Take-ups and coilers for cables

Take-ups and coilers for cables

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.18  Spoolers for cables

Spoolers for cables

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.22  Coil / spool winding lines

Our products

Product category: Coil / spool winding lines

REELEX® Tangle and Twist-Free Packaging Technology

REELEX tangle-free technology is a patented method of winding a filamentary product (such as cord, wire, cable or tubing) into a figure-eight coil on a specialized coiling machine.

This unique coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns. Because the coil does not rotate during payout, there is no inertia, and thus no need for payoff stands or brakes. And since the coil does not require any moving parts as a means of dispensing the product, it may be packaged in a wide variety of package shapes and materials, or simply placed in a cardboard box.
Sold under various brand names by the world’s leading wire and cable manufacturers, REELEX has become the standard packaging system for “last-mile” lengths of structured and low-voltage cabling such as Category 5e, Category 6, security/alarm cables, instrumentation cables, coaxial cables, and is quickly becoming the preferred package for many other types of products like fiber optics, building wire, plastic tubing, and more.

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Product category: Take-ups and coilers for cables, Spoolers for cables


The new S320 single-spindle REELEX coiling machine represents the state-of-the-art in tangle and twist-free cable coiling equipment. Able to produce upwards of 40 coils per hour (1,000ft / 305m each), the S320 is ideally suited for rewind configurations.

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Product category: Take-ups and coilers for cables, Spoolers for cables


Replacing the venerable D-1500+, the M340 is REELEX’s next-generation dual-spindle REELEX coiling machine featuring a variety of new and upgraded components and state-of-the art industrial design.

Producing up to 80 coils per hour (1,000ft / 305m each), the M340 features an automatic cut and transfer system allowing the product to wind on one spindle while a finished coil is removed from the opposite spindle. This enables the M340 to wind nearly continuously, thus providing an ideal solution for packaging in line with an extruder.

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Product category: Accumulators


The AC-300 is a high-performance accumulator designed for rapid response and precise tension management. REELEX’s accumulator systems are unique in that they provide near-immediate response to changes in output line speeds caused by the REELEX machine or take up, while maintaining low overall tension.

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Product category: Pay-off systems for wires and cables

Motorized Payoff

REELEX’s own motorized payoff is specially designed to support REELEX equipment, but is a high-performance addition to any rewind line. REELEX-build payoffs are unique in that they are specially designed to rapidly start and stop repeatedly and in a controlled manner. With rapid acceleration and deceleration capabilities, REELEX payoffs ensure the rewinding or respooling time spends more time winding and less time in a stopped condition.

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About us

Company portrait

AboutREELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.
REELEX Packaging Solutions (formerly Windings, Inc.) is a small, privately held company located approximately 90 minutes north of New York City in Patterson, NY. As the inventor of the REELEX packaging system, our company has the unique mission of developing and supporting every aspect of REELEX, from packaging materials to machine manufacturing to worldwide service and support.

Packaging development, support and delivery
As the inventor of REELEX packaging, it is critical that we continue to push the boundaries of new packaging innovations that incorporate tangle- and twist-free technology. For this reason, we are conducting a variety of research and development activities that include new packaging designs as well as innovations in machinery and electronics.
Our staff also provides product development, field support, problem diagnosis and design assistance to all REELEX system licensees. Due to the unique license agreement, all licensees have free access to all REELEX know-how related to product improvement.

Development, production and service of wrapping machines
All REELEX wrapping machines and associated auxiliary machinery are designed and manufactured in-house. Our electronics department manufactures, designs and assembles all drives, controls and circuit boards, while our machine shop handles everything from welding frames to machining mandrels and end molds.
Our technicians specialize in REELEX machines, packaging and electronics and travel to facilities around the globe to service REELEX machines that have sometimes been in operation for 30 years.
Our employees have more than 500 man-years of experience in wire and cable manufacturing and have been to more than 150 wire manufacturing facilities around the world to respond to real manufacturing problems. This experience allows us to take drumless wire and cable fabrication to a new level, not only meeting the current needs of our customers, but also anticipating future needs and solutions.

A unique relationship
REELEX's unique business model, the REELEX License Agreement, means that we are committed to the continued success of our licensees, not just winning an order. Because our revenue is based on an ongoing business relationship, not just the fulfillment of orders, our existence depends on the continued support and loyalty of our customers to the REELEX system.
A majority of our company's revenue is reinvested in the development, promotion and support of the REELEX system, benefiting both REELEX Packaging Solutions and our licensees. Because we have a vested interest in the continued success of REELEX packaging, our company takes special pride in providing the highest level of customer support and innovation in the industry.