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Kos Koop SAN SIT Misir SOK No:12 Hadimkoy, 34555 Istanbul
Telephone +90 212 7982133
Fax +90 212 7982309

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wire 2022 hall map (Hall 14): stand F28

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wire 2022 fairground map: Hall 14


Elif Pekcetin



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.11  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion machines

Our products

Product category: Extrusion machines

Granulator Machinery and Spare Parts


Planetary Group is the core of the Planet Extruders and basically consists of a planet barrel, the main spindle (the sun) and several satellite spindles (screws) which rotate together in harmony.

The inner surface of the barrel and the outer surfaces of the satellite and sun screws are formed of 45-degree helix thread. The planetary group made of special steel materials hardened by special methods becomes more resistant against corrosion and wear.

Planetary extruder system compared to other extruder systems provides a better plastification thanks to the homogeneous and very efficient raw material mixing action. It can finish the processing on very short distance

Having a compact design, the planetary group in our Planet Extruder provides easy and comfortable dismantling and cleaning for its operators. Due to the design of the Planetary Screws, the Planetary System has its own self-cleaning feature. The designed screw inside the barrel is continuously pushing the whole raw material forward; therefore no left-over product will remain in the Planetary Group. This provides a great convenience, especially for those users who are working with multiple colours.

If Your plastic products’ quality is matters, PLATEX Planet Extruder is the right solution.

The best plastification, granulation and extrusion technology at your service.
  •  High-quality mixing and compounding
  • Optimum degassing in special Degassing Chamber
  • Higher clarity
  • Lower haze
  • Longer runs before cleaning
  • High production capacity (From 50 kg/hr  to 2000 kg/hr)
  • Unique design with very  efficient planetary gearboxes ensures substantial electric power savings
  • Unique  gear design ensures Self-cleaning
  • Reduced downtime, makes  short formula changing time and colour changing
  • Low-Cost Products because of formulations short duration inside of the extruder with less stabilizer and lubricants.
  • Competitive products ensure your market expansion
  • Compact design, smaller footprint
  • Lower capital cost equipment with our competitive prices.

    Feeding Funnel

    This part is used optionally in the Planetary Extruder. It is generally used to convey the raw material with less fluidity, viscosity and density with the help of a feeding screw. The raw material flow is continuously provided at a constant rate by an optional spiral screw and mixer arms in the stainless steel funnel. Additionally Vibro motor can help the level of the material inside the funnel for stable flow.

    Planet Extruder Divisions

    Our company offers a two-stage planetary gear extruder having different discharging systems for different purposes and areas. This two-stage Planetary Extruder is formed by 3 main divisions.

    Divisions of Planetary Extruder

    Division 1: This division has a Feeding Unit, which consists of the feeding screw and barrel, carries the raw material into the Planetary group, which makes the formulations processing.

    Division 2: Vacuum-Degassing Chamber where volatile gases are removed from the Plastic Mixture to ensure better product quality.

    Division 3: Discharge Unit which properly pushes out the plasticised and degassed mixture.  Either granulation head or extrusion die can be added to end. 

    Granulation Division

    The perfectly mixed and degassed granules (pellets) produced by our Platex Extruders acquire better quality and resistance compared to granules produced by other extruder machines.

    The Planetary mixing system provides a fast transfer of the plastic mixture throughout the extruder offering an increase in production capacity. Our granulation unit has been designed for easy assembly and dismantling, therefore cleaning can be done very easily after dismantling the 2 parts of the unit.

    The specialized internal water cooling design helps reduce the temperatures of granules and prevents stickiness.

    Cooling Division

    This division was developed for granule cooling and elimination. Basically, the granules are pushed onto Cooling Sieve by a powerful cooling air-blower.  With the help of Vibro motors they move the bagging section while cooling air blown under them. Up to 2000 kg/hour cooling capacity.  

    Extruder Nozzle

    The Extruder Nozzle is connected to the output section of the Conveyor Screw and feeds the final plastic melt into the cylinder lines in order to produce products such as PVC or PE films, folios, table cloths, plastic sheets or plates, etc.

    This nozzle is manufactured to withstand high pressure and temperature caused by the plastic melt passing through.  

    Optional Parts

    Optional Planetary Group Models

    We can also manufacture the planetary groups with optional sizes and mods, 

    -Adding  cooling and heating sections 

    -Smaller or longer planetary zones,

    -Adding sensors and injectors … etc.

    Optional Dosing Unit

    Optionally, a driver-controlled dosing screw and barrel can be added under the feeding funnel, which allows controlling the mixture's flow speed on the PLC screen.


    All the electronic and mechanical equipment of our planet extruders can be controlled by the PLC control unit that we supply.

    All sections of the Extruder can be controlled and adjusted easily on the touch-screen panel. PLC can be programmable with customers' request ,

    Remote control and service access via the internet is available.

    Planetary Gearboxes

    The Planetary Gearboxes we manufacture in our factory,  can smoothly and most efficiently transmit the power of electric motors to the Extruder Screws.The electric motors consume less energy and convey more power due to less mechanical loading providing, so it saves energy for users. All planet gearboxes and extruder screws are lubricated automatically and they work in harmony with each other.

    Double section planetary gearboxes with 96-97% efficiency

    We manufacture 3 types of planetary gearboxes:

    PR 250 (75-90-110 kw motor sizes)   1/19 ratio

    PR 150 (45-55kw motor sizes)  1/16 ratio

    PR 100 (11-20kw motor sizes)  1/12 ratio








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