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Boockmann Engineering GmbH

Eckartspfad 6, 97708 Bad Bocklet, OT Steinach
Telephone +49 9708 70460
Fax +49 9708 -571

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Hall map

wire 2022 hall map (Hall 9): stand C34

Fairground map

wire 2022 fairground map: Hall 9

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.03  Machinery for the processing of wires and strips
  • 02.03.02  Multiple drawing machines for wire
  •  Lubricant application equipment
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.05  Machinery for the surface treatment of wires and strips
  • 02.05.04  Coating lines for wires
  •  Other surface treatment lines
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.14  Machinery for the surface treatment of wire products
  • 02.14.01  Cleaning lines for wire products
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.14  Machinery for the surface treatment of wire products
  • 02.14.02  Coating lines for wire products

Our products

Product category: Other surface treatment lines, Cleaning lines for wire products

New cascaded three-step wire washing machine that combines the best of HELICORD® and conventional washing systems

Many types of wire and similar products, due to their surface structure and quality requirements, make the use of substantial amounts of solvents inevitable. Our newly developed wire washing machine is based on our well-established HELICORD® technology with multiple 360° contact between the wire and cleaning medium, consistent quality of the cleaning medium, and therefore consistent cleaning efficiency. To all that, it adds the best features of conventional washing tanks filled with large amounts of organic solvents or other cleaning liquids; but the integrated treatment and circulation of the cleaning liquid used provide significant decrease of cleaning liquid consumption.

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Product category: Lubricant application equipment, Other surface treatment lines, Cleaning lines for wire products, Coating lines for wire products

HELICORD® Machines and Consumables for Wire and Cable Surface Treatment

The HELICORD® principle is based on friction between a fast-moving wire and a textile cord wound around a wire, strand or insulated cable multiple times, moving rather slowly under push-pull-controlled conditions. This creates a multiple 360° contact between a constantly renewed cleaning medium (i. e. the cord) and the wire.
The friction applied to the wire equals the difference between cord tensions before and after the process zone. It is determined by the cord pre-tension, i.e. the tension on the cord supply side, and the number of loops of cord around the wire when the machine is operated in fixed-number-of-loops mode; or by the cord pre-tension on the cord supply side and tension on the cord take-up side when the machine is operated in friction-controlled mode.
Friction power on the wire increases linearly with the wire speed. This means the friction energy per wire surface unit and thus also efficiency is independent of the wire speed and can be run at drawing speeds.

Although cord and wire can be run in both in same and opposite directions, running wire and cord in opposite directionshas proven most successful for a wide range of cleaning and coating applications.

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Product category: Lubricant application equipment, Coating lines for wire products

HELILUB® Machines and Consumables for High-Precision Solvent-Free Magnet Wire Lubrication

The HELILUB® process is based on the application of lubricant to the surface of magnet wire by an impregnated cellulose yarn. The lubricant applied is metered by the calibration of the yarn and polished onto the wire surface by the speed difference between yarn and wire. The lubricant is extracted from the lubricating yarn preferably using the wire temperature after the enameling oven. The lubricant quantity applied can be calculated from the difference in weights per meter of the lubricating yarn before and after the process.

The HELILUB® process provides the following advantages:
- Exact lubricant dosage
- Easy to calculate
- Easy to control
- Lowest coefficient of friction even at higher enamelling speed
- Constant supervision of the lubrication process
- Reliability in production on large delivery spools
- Alarm upon interruption of lubrication

No use of solvents means:
- No air pollution
- No fire hazard
- No worker health concerns
- No attack on enameled wire
- No attack on plastic spools

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About us

Company portrait

1983: Founders: Annedore and Gerhard Boockmann
Company Location: Sonnenstraße 14, Niederlauer-Unterebersbach, Germany
Sales of wire enamels and consulting for electro varnishes and resins
Founded as "Boockmann GmbH
1984: Equipping laboratory workplaces
1985-1987: Development of Magnet Wire Enamels
1988-1989: Installation of the first patented emission-free and energy-saving impregnating plant with EEC technology
Patent for impregnating plant with EEC technology and process air treatment
1990: New company building, Unterebersbach
1991: Patent for solvent-free lubricating technology for magnet wires (HELILUB®)
1993-1998: Industrialization of the HELILUB® technology about 2.000 lines at work
2002: Inauguration of the first production hall in Steinach
2003-2006: Basic patent applied of HELICORD® system for wire cleaning and cable processing
2006: Development of an automatic looping unit for PLC-controlled HELICORD® process
2007: Inauguration of the second production hall in Steinach
2008: Development of the HELICORD® machine NB58 for 2-step abrasive cleaning
2009: Implementation and certification of DIN ISO 9001 and ISO TS16949
2011: Inauguration of the third production hall in Steinach
2012: HELICORD® machine for finish application directly before the winder
Development of solvent supported extractive welding wire finish HELICORD® W NB37F001
2013: Improvement in HELILUB® lubrication of fine and ultra-fine wire
2014: New business unit "LabTech
Development of Welding Test Unit
Development of Multi-Wire-Cleaning Machine for treatment of multi-wire, fine-wire and strip surface
Renamed to "Boockmann Engineering GmbH"
2019: Inauguration of the fourth production hall in Steinach