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Aeroel S.r.l.

Via Pier Paolo Pasolini 35/3, 33040 Pradamano (UD)
Telephone +39 0432 671301
Fax +39 0432 671543

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the wire and cable industry
  • 05.02  Product testing
  • 05.02.03  Diameter measuring devices
  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the wire and cable industry
  • 05.02  Product testing
  • 05.02.17  Optical testing systems for wire products

Optical testing systems for wire products

  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the wire and cable industry
  • 05.02  Product testing
  • 05.02.24  Laser measuring equipment
  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the wire and cable industry
  • 05.02  Product testing
  • 05.02.28  Laboratory test equipment

Our products

Product category: Diameter measuring devices

HWS.2 - Handy Wire Scanner

The first portable optical micrometer for measuring wires and cables!

HWS.2 - Handy Wire Scanner is a completely portable optical micrometer for measuring wires, cables or similar products.

Designed by Aeroel with LED and CCD technology, it uses 2 linear crossing sensors for automatic compensation of positioning errors. (Patent pending).

Thanks to a powerful single chip microprocessor, the micrometer is linearized and compensated to achieve maximum precision throughout the measurement range, regardless of the careful positioning of the wire.

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Product category: Laser measuring equipment


The effective solution for the measurement on the production line of products with square or rectangular cut.
The QUADRALINE laser system is suitable for checking on the production line the two dimensions of rolled or extruded products with rectangular cut. Thanks to its specific characteristics, it guarantees a reliable and precise measurement; it does not require an accurate product alignment even if it vibrates or oscillates around its own axis.

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Product category: Diameter measuring devices, Laser measuring equipment

WIRELINE- It's perfect for on-line diameter monitoring in the wire industry

 WIRELINE is a Laser Measuring System which has been specially designed to be used on-line in the Wire Industry, to monitor the finished diameter and the ovality of drawn wire.It provides reliable gauging of diameters from 0.04 to 32 mm: display resolution of 0.1 µm and accuracy better than 0.5 µm can be achieved.
It checks the wire tolerance and stops the drawing machine when die wearing exceeds the pre-set limit.
It counts the metres of wire being drawn. Effective statistical reports are processed and printed for each spool.
Several Systems can be linked together and connected to one Computer, to manage all process information

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Product category: Laboratory test equipment

WIRELAB AND SUPERWIRELAB.13XY Bench-top laser micrometers

WIRELAB is a bench top laser micrometer specially designed for off-line checking of the diameter and the ovality of drawn or extruded products.
Super-Wirelab version can also be used for the control of rectangular-section products (eg. metal strip).
Measurable diameters range from 0,04 mm up to 32 mm, with a resolution up to 0.1 µm
It checks the wire tolerance, comparing the measured values with the pre-set limits.
Printing of measuring reports.
It performs basic statistical analysis.
Measured data are stored in memory and can be downloaded into a remote PC.
The angle encoder allows the system to draw the polar diagram with the profile of the section (Super-Wirelab)

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Product category: Laboratory test equipment

DLAB Die diameter checking is now easy, quick and accurate.

D-Lab is a high performance, easy to use die checking equipment. Very efficient and very quick to control
diameter and ovality of drawing dies. Repeatable and objective results not affected by operator’s skill.
• Contactless measurement.
• Based on telecentric optics and LED collimated illuminator.
• Image analysis using 2D CMOS sensor and subpixel edge detecting algorithm.
• Highly flexible: different dies can be measured without system re-mastering.
• Rugged construction suitable to be used in workshop environment.
• All In One embedded PC using high reliability motherboard designed and made in Italy.
• All measured data saved in memory and ready to be exported or printed.

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About us

Company portrait

Aeroel: a Dynamic and Innovative Team
Aeroel is a dynamic and flexible firm, prepared to meet the challenges required for the development of new ideas and concepts: their young staff are specialised in the design and manufacturing of Laser Systems for Diameter Measurement and Control.

Laser Technology offers Benefits in Many Industrial Process
Due to their non contact measurement capability, Aeroel Lasers can be applied in a fast, precise, and efficient manner to a variety of industrial processes. From wire drawing to mechanical component grinding, the laser optic technology assures consistent, objective and accurate results over traditional techniques.

High Precision Products
The use of laser light has made it possible to develop instruments for high precision measurements in the factory, on-line and on the bench. Innovative technical solutions, secured by patents, have enabled us to make gauges which are insensitive to variations in temperature, vibration, product movement, dust and other environmental conditions which would normally influence the measurement results in the production environment.

Certified Quality
Aeroel’s quality standards, in addition to conforming to ISO 9001, guarantee a robust and highly reliable product. Through our emphasis on quality products and efficient services, we are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction.