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A.L.T.A. S.p.A.

Via Brescia, 6, 21049 Tradate (VA)
Telephone +39 0331 854011
Fax +39 0331 814990

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Tube 2022 hall map (Hall 4): stand F03

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Tube 2022 fairground map: Hall 4


Davide De Vecchi



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.03  Welded tubes made of steel
  • 04.03.05  Welded tubes made of other steels grades

Welded tubes made of other steels grades

  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.09  Tubes in relation to the application
  • 04.09.01  Installation pipes and tubes
  •  Installation tubes for mechanical engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics)

Our products

Product category: Installation tubes for mechanical engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics)

Seamless Tube

Seamless tubes have elevated mechanical properties and can also be produced with special steel grades. The dimensional tolerances, surface quality and eccentricity values are standardized to the norm UNI EN ISO 10305-1. They can be supplied in a very wide dimensional range, upon specific requests
The obtained surfaces in the drawn tube come from the mother tube during the hot boring, the tube assumes a spiral shape (figure a) which is maintained, even in reduced tolerances and after the lamination and drawing process (figure b).

Traditional finishing processes of honing and rolling follow this spiral trend, obtaining the requested tolerance and without modifying the spiral shape which is in direct opposition with the principal of concentricity for the specific group: PISTON TUBE/PISTON/TUBE.

Picture c, is demonstrating the extreme straightness of the inside finish, known as “ALTA finish”. The machining of a tube with a reduced inside stock allowance, is generating raw material spots (in the picture the darker spots) those areas are outside of the maximum tolerated straightness, due to the spiral shape of the tube.

To avoid these problems ALTA sources tubes with a higher stock allowance, over and above the norm (up to 3 mm in diameter) removing the necessary material, allowing a better straightness, roundness and surface cleaning finish, against the traditional systems

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Product category: Installation tubes for mechanical engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics)

Electro-welded Tube T5, +C, ALTA finishing H8 T5

T5 – Electro-welded Tube +C with Impact and Elongation tests =\> 10% – An exclusive “ALTA” product, aimed to appreciably increase the production and logistical production efficiency of the cylinder manufacturer, giving added value to the customers final product.

The resulting product is a completely resilient tube, with all the features of “SR” or “C” grades, plus the added ALTA technical finish inside, with resilience = >27J (a -20°C) and stretching =\> 10% * .
ALTA has developed an innovative automated technology to inspect the inside tube surface after the bore machining process, providing tubes with 0 defects.
T5 offers superior performances above the Norm, thanks to straightness being 0.5/1000 and 3% concentricity.
T5 is free from impurities produced from a clean base material of mineral origin and not from scrap.
The surface is treated with a patented system making painting an easy issue, bypassing the preparation steps necessary with tubes from competitors.
The automated inside surface checking, together with the extreme straightness and concentricity allow the tubes to be immediately introduced in to the cylinder production process, bypassing the steady band machining process.
T5 is an amazing leap forward in quality for cylinder tubes giving indelibility and offering a great economical advantage to its users.
ALTA supplies for each produced batch, the Material test certificate showing mechanical properties, in line with the category +SR including the Impact test results.

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Product category: Installation tubes for mechanical engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics)

Electro welded cold drawn tubes RTU H9 (+C, +SR, +N)

The distinctive properties of the electro welded cold drawn tubes has precise dimensional tolerances, high concentricity and a unique inside finish.
These are obtained thanks to a manufacturing process in which the thickness of the coil is obtained through a lamination process and is rigidly controlled. The extremities of the coil are prepared in a specific way to obtain the optimum contact during the welding operation and the cold deformation of the coil begins until it reaches the desired circular section.

The high quality of the welding operation, after the deformation, creates a specific temperature, fusing the edges of the coil with no added materials.  A continuous tube is formed, with no variation of the chemical composition in the welding area, giving a safety factor V=1. The result is a tube that has a clean and defect free surface with optimal tolerances on thickness and concentricity, ideal for the next operation of cold drawing.

The Cold Drawing process, follows the deformation and welding of the tube, guarantees an excellent surface finish of the product, obtaining precise dimensional tolerances.

Thus, optimal quality of the raw tube, together with a heat treatment, give the drawn tube remarkable mechanical properties and resilience.

Finally the high quality of the electro welded cold drawn tube is also guaranteed by regular destructive and non-destructive lab tests, including dimensional controls and measurement of the surface finish.

Today, the cold drawn electro welded tube is the best product for the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders at lower costs.

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About us

Company portrait

Established in 1968 by a handful of ground breaking pioneers in the precision engineering world, A.L.T.A Spa has been around for over 50 years at the top of the hydraulic cylinder tubes market, widely gaining the title of reliable and highly innovative Company.

In 1967 ALTA’s forerunner “Fluidotecnica” started to produce and distribute on to the Italian market a highly innovative cylinder tube, which deeply affected the oleo-dynamic cylinder design and manufacture over the following years, thus improving functions and optimizing costs. This peculiar innovation was to use stress relieved cold drawn tubes rather than normalized hot rolled. Steel mechanical properties were drastically improved and as a consequence thinner wall, lighter weights and further cost reductions were all fundamental in allowing Italian manufacture’s to conquer increasing shares in the most modern markets.

Derived from the first “Fulmer honing machine” (built in 1934) which arrived in Italy as a “gift from the USA” and through the European Recovery Plan (“ERP” – in formally “The Marshall Plan) after 1945. ALTA was able to obtain the maximum reachable level of success through the combination of applied smartness and the experience gained through the freshest and most demanding needs of the period.

So in the 1970s ALTA decided to purchase and revamp old military machines, transforming them, following the highest principals of new growing Italian industry. This allowed ALTA to apply its highly developed production technology from two “Bencini” machines which were obtained from “OTO Melara” a naval gun barrel production facility in La Spezia and two “Borsig” machines recovered from the naval arsenal in Pozzuoli (NA).

At the beginning of the 80s ALTA was the first to test roller-burnishing instead of honing, a procedure originally meant for other aims. Competitors of ALTA tried to follow the same procedure but their tools manufactured in a different way from ALTA technology did not allow them to reach the excellence of roughness on the tube’s inside surface.

As the leader of Innovation, the first ever in this market, ALTA was certified ISO 9000 in 1992. Providing the evidence of even higher quality standards and a top reference for International cylinder manufacturers.

From the formation in 1968 the company has grown constantly in the European market, touching American and Oceanian markets, with export’s being over 75% of its turnover.

Company data

Export content > 75%
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1968
Area of business Tube industry