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BWE Ltd.

Beaver Industrial Estate, TN23 7SH Ashford, Kent
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1233 627-736
Fax +44 1233 630-670

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wire 2022 hall map (Hall 11): stand G26

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wire 2022 fairground map: Hall 11


Kevin Bennett

Sales Director

+44 1233 627-736


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Machinery for the manufacture of rods, wires and strips
  • 01.03  Extrusion
  • 01.03.01  Extrusion lines (for metals)
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.02  Machinery for the processing of rods
  • 02.02.09  Welding machines
  •  Cold pressure welding machines

Cold pressure welding machines

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.11  Extrusion lines
  •  Extrusion machines
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.12  Sheathing lines

Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines (for metals), Extrusion machines

Conform ™ Extrusion Technology

The use of a single revolving wheel as the driving force in the Conform continuous rotary extrusion (CRE) process enables the manufacture of products of unlimited length. In its simplest form the wheel has a single groove in its periphery which accepts the feedstock and transfers the material to the extrusion zone and die.

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Product category: Sheathing lines, Extrusion lines (for metals), Extrusion machines

SheathEx ™ Extrusion Technology

The most recent innovation in continuous rotary extrusion (CRE) is the BWE patented SheathEx process.

A Metallic Sheath is utilised in cables to prevent the ingress of moisture without diminishing the flexibility of the cable. Water penetration is detrimental to the integrity of insulation. The combination of moisture and high electrical stresses leads to the initiation of water tree growth, resulting in the premature failure of the cable.

A ‘Seamless’ Aluminium Sheath is very reliable, economical and its mechanical properties make it both lighter and stronger than Lead Sheath.
After forming, the Aluminium Sheath is normally corrugated inline to improve flexibility of the cable. In some applications a smooth type sheath is preferred.

A high efficiency induction heater ensures an even temperature distribution around the extrusion die, which gives accurate control of wall thickness and concentricity.

Caterpillar haulers are used to transport the cable through the line and the extruded sheath is corrugated to size before being wound onto large diameter drums.

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Product category: Extrusion lines (for metals), Extrusion machines, Sheathing lines

Conklad ™ Extrusion Technology

In the 1980’s BWE pioneered the development of cladding and sheathing using the Conform continuous rotary extrusion (CRE) method. This work led to the introduction of Conklad, which has become the industry standard for many applications.

The geometry of the Conklad process is arranged so that a central core can be introduced inside the extrusion. Twin or Single feedstock rods are used to produce two flows of metal on either side of the chamber so that the pressure around the central core is balanced.

The Conklad process has two formats –  direct cladding on hard cores and indirect sheathing of soft cores.

The greatest advance in Conform technology has been achieved by BWE in the application of the process for the sheathing or cladding of temperature sensitive (soft) or hard cores as they pass through the extrusion tooling.

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Product category: Cold pressure welding machines

Coldweld ™ Technology

Cold welding is a method for joining non- ferrous metals and their alloys without using heat, fillers or fluxes. Round wire sections, dissimilar materials and materials of different sizes can all be welded with proven BWE Coldweld technology. A cold weld is generally stronger than the parent material and has the same electrical characteristics.

In order to obtain a true weld, all contaminants (oxides, oils, chemicals etc) must be removed so that clean surfaces can be brought together. BWE cold welding machines achieve this by using a multiple upset technique which ejects the contaminated material from the weld zone eliminating the need for any special preparation.

A wide range of cold pressure welding machines are available covering applications from rod to fine wire. BWE offer a facility for test welding customers material to confirm its suitability for cold welding.

BWE Ltd is the world’s longest established manufacturer of Cold Pressure Welding equipment, having manufactured Cold Pressure Welding Machines at its Ashford factory since 1969.

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About us

Company portrait

BWE Ltd (formerly Babcock Wire Equipment) was established in 1969 and has four principal product ranges:

  • Conform™ –  continuous rotary extrusion machinery for aluminium, copper and other non- ferrous metals.
  • Conklad™ –  machinery for cladding or sheathing wires and cables with aluminium.
  • SheathEx™ –  machinery for sheathing high voltage power cables with aluminium.
  • Coldweld™ –  machines for joining non- ferrous metals without heat, fillers or fluxes.

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