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Reed Machinery, Inc.

10 A New Bond St., 01606 Worcester, MA
Telephone +1 508 5959090
Fax +1 508 5950002

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.11  Machinery for the manufacture of fasteners (bulk metal forming)
  • 02.11.05  Thread rolling machines

Our products

Product category: Thread rolling machines

Model A75N Planetary Nail Threader

  • Model A75N
  • For rolling nails up to 2000 parts per minutes
  • Screw shank to .138″(3.5mm) wire diameter
  • Ring shank to .200″ (5mm) wire diameter

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Product category: Thread rolling machines

Model A23 3-Die Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machines

Horizontal three die cylindrical machine
  • In-feed and thru-feed capability
  • For threaded rod with standard thread forms, acmes or ball forms
  • Ideal for rolling forms on tubing

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Product category: Thread rolling machines

Model A22 3-Die Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machines

Vertical three die cylindrical machine
  • Standard and heavy duty models available (HD model shown)
  • For general purpose or specific part applications
  • Ideal for aircraft materials
  • Optional computer controls and variable speed drive

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About us

Company details

Reed Machinery was founded in December, 2003 to acquire the assets of the Reed® thread rolling machine business from Reed-Rico. The company’s history dates back to 1916 when Reed Small Tool Works was formed in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Today, under private ownership, Reed Machinery is the manufacturer of the Reed two – and three – die cylindrical thread rollers, Reed planetary thread rollers, HartfordTM flat die thread rollers, Reed thread rolling attachments and since April 2006, Waterbury headers & threaders.
We have an experienced staff to help you with thread rolling problems and, we can supply equipment that is properly tooled to achieve your production rate and part specifications while maintaining the highest level of operator safety.

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