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30 Treti mart Blvd., 7000 Rousse
Telephone +359 82 810318
Fax +359 82 822390

This company is co-exhibitor of
Spajic d.o.o.

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Wire and wire products
  • 04.01  Wire and bar material
  • 04.01.02  Wire, related to its material: Iron and steel
  •  Annealed steel wire

Our products

Product category: Annealed steel wire

low carbon steel wire, hard

BDS EN 10218 (BDS 10065-86; DIN 177)
The low carbon steel wire, hard is used for construction works, industry, agriculture etc.
The raw material for its production is wire rod to BDS EN 10016-2:2000 (BDS 2592-71),
BDS EN 10221:2000 (BDS 4633-82), (DIN 17100, DIN 17140)
The chemical composition of the wire rod is to BDS EN 10016-2:2000 (BDS 2592-71)

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Product category: Annealed steel wire

low carbon steel wire - copper plated; round and formed

BDS EN 10218-1, BDS EN 10244-6:2001 (BDS 10065-86; ОН 33 72428-87; ОН 33 55562-86)
Copper-plated low carbon steel wires are used for binderies, paper-clamps, stapels etc.

The raw material for its production is wire rod to BDS EN 10016-2:2000 (BDS 10065-86, DIN 177).

Copper-plated wires are with round or rectangular section.

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Product category: Annealed steel wire

welding wire, copper plated or black

BDS EN 440:2000, BDS EN 499:2000 и BDS EN 756:2000 (BDS 5084-86)
Zhiti S.A. produces low-carbon steel and steel-alloy welding wires used for welding of a low-carbon steel and low alloy steel.

Electrode wires for electric arc welding of unalloyed or fine-grained materials in secured gas medium – according to BDS EN 440:2000 (in compliance with Зв08Г2С to BDS 5084-86)

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About us

Company details

ZHITI JSC was established on 14 March 1924 as a company for production of wires, nails and wire products. Its name comes from the first letters of “Iron And Wire Industry” in Bulgarian. Not surprisingly, the town of Rousse is selected as the factory site. Situated on the Danube river , the town has good transport links and the fastest growing industrialization, which are prerequisite for the creation and development of the enterprise.
In the first years after its creation and throughout its history ZHITI JSC has remained a leading Bulgarian company for production of low-carbon steel wires, nails (construction and special), fasteners, grids, barbed wire and wire products.
Since April 1997 the company is privatized and at present is a 100% private capital company.
The production traditions, the highly qualified managerial and technical staff, the good quality of the offered products and the constant striving to perform better service meet customer requirements and helped the company establish itself as a preferred partner on the international market.

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