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BUCH Estrimec S.L.

Ctra. De Les Aigües s/n, 17400 Breda (Girona)
Telephone +34 972 864084
Fax +34 972 864063


  •   Hall 16 / A17

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.10  Machinery for the manufacture of springs, chains, and punched and bent parts
  • 02.10.11  Bending machines
  •  Wire and strip bending machines

Our products

Product category: Wire and strip bending machines


The BUCH universal mechanical bending machines are designed for long run parts production in large precision-shaped series, commencing with rolls of material, whether wire or strip.

Their excellent robustness, power and precision means that the DCMC machines are both fault and maintenance-free equipment.

The ease with which the bending carriages can be set in any position, the fact they are manually driven combined with drive and their modular configuration that allows the distance between modules to be adjusted, means that the design, adjustment and tooling modification is very simple.

60 years of experience in the manufacture of multiple-carriage universal bending machines has enabled our product to be improved and fitted with multiple accessories, with which finished machine parts can be achieved without any need for further operations.

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Product category: Wire and strip bending machines


The BUCH hydraulic bending machines are especially designed for employing wire for manufacturing medium and large parts that have a wide application range, such as grille frames, car parts, textile and supermarket trolleys etc.

These are fully automatic, robustly constructed machines that can produce parts up to 2,300 mm long, with a 12 mm diameter, commencing with wire on reels.

Because of their configuration, the design, construction, installation and tooling changes are all very simple.

Optionally, many elements can be coupled in order to produce completely finished parts, bevelled, threaded and welded, etc.

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Product category: Wire and strip bending machines


BUCH linear construction, multiple-carriage universal bending machines, model DML were designed for medium or long wire parts production, in large (with tooling), medium and small (without tooling) series.

Because of the servomotors in feeding as well as bending, operation is possible in two different ways, stepped (short and medium series) and continuous (large series).

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About us

Company details

60 years of involvement in the design and manufacture of automatic machines.

The BUCH Company was founded 60 years ago by the brothers Salvador and Augusto Buch, who quickly made a privileged international position of leadership for themselves within the sector. They have been able to maintain this position because they have always based their work on quality and value for money.

Today, we now have over 3,000 square metres of installations with our own technical department where all our products are designed. These installations are fitted with the very latest machining tools for, together with a team technically qualified and trained within the actual company.  
Our more than 500 clients in over 25 countries, distributed throughout the world, endorse this work, all of which is because of the constant daily development of our products.

Thank you for your confidence.

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