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P.O. Box CEP 134130, 13413013 Piracicaba -Paulo Sao Paulo
Rua Tambaú no 280, Galpão b1 Parque Sao Jorge, 13413013 Piracicaba -Paulo Sao Paulo
Telephone +55 19 999175648
Fax +55 19 34133572

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.13  Machinery for the heat treatment of bulk goods made from wire or strip
  • 02.13.04  Hardening and tempering lines

Our products

Product category: Hardening and tempering lines

Coreless Induction Furnace

Monolytic Masses  
  • Sintering security: INSECOAT TAG
  • Silicious chargeable mass:: CUARSIL
  • Neutral chargeable mass:: INSETAG
  • Aluminous concrete: INSECAST / INSELOC
  • Gunitable material: INSEGUN
  • Plastic material: INSEPLAST

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Product category: Hardening and tempering lines

Dosing Furnace

Precast shapes
The main advantage is that the unit is predried, no need a long drying curve, the furnace can work from day one.

Descripción imágenes

1. Holding furnaces lining
2. Submerged cones
3. Holding furnaces lining
4. Mixer bins
5. Dosing cups
6. Dosing tubes

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Product category: Hardening and tempering lines

Precast shapes

INSERTEC has been specialized in the manufacturing in all the precast shapes for the frit fusion furnaces.   Precast Shapes types
  • Burnner blocks
  • Feeding blocks
  • Exit spout
  • Any kind of size and morfology for the wall pieces, for the baseboard, for the chimney pieces, etc.
  It requires a special mention the precast shapes por the "throat" or the exit spout, with big advantajes aaints traditional electrofused blocks in:

  • Higher thermal shock resistance
  • Lower cost
  • Lower delivery time

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About us

Company details

We are manufacturers of industrial furnaces and refractory materials

We provide innovative solutions to the industrial heat sector

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