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InspecTech Limited

450 Midwest Road, M1P 3A9 Toronto, ON
Telephone +1 416 7571179-227
Fax +1 416 7578096


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the tube and pipe industry
  • 05.03  Product testing
  • 05.03.04  Ultrasonic test equipment

Our products

Product category: Ultrasonic test equipment

Off-Line Ultrasonic Testing System

InspecTech® Off-Line Ultrasonic Test Systems are specially designed and configured to inspect the entire length of a weld seam in a tubular product. This form of testing is normally required for code compliances such as API and ISO. Testing is similar to InspecTech’s On-Line Test System, but the test head is configured differently and more mechanization is required.

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Product category: Ultrasonic test equipment

On-Line Ultrasonic Testing System Spiral

Over the years the welded tube industry has come to rely on InspecTech® ultrasonic testing systems to verify weld quality and integrity both on the tube mill and on the finishing floor. Ultrasonic testing of welded tube is a universally recognized method, offering equal sensitivity to both inside and outside defects regardless of material thickness. Codes of practice such as ISO, API and CSA all cite ultrasonic testing of welds as an acceptable, or even mandatory, method. Depending upon requirement, InspecTech can supply systems with 2, 4, 6 or more transducers to test various material thickness ranges and also to test HAZ (heat affected zones) and monitor material gauge.

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Product category: Ultrasonic test equipment

Ultrasonic Skelp Monitoring System

The InspecTech® Ultrasonic monitor for pipe skelp or strip material is a multi-channel unit that measures and records material gauge as well as checking for laminations and segregations in the material. The monitor is used in pipe and tube manufacture as well as in plate and strip mills

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About us

Company details

"We partner with our customers to increase product reliability and productivity by providing integrated, quality, custom-designed solutions in Non Destructive Testing."

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