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National Machinery LLC

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wire 2020 hall map (Hall 16): stand A42

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wire 2020 fairground map: Hall 16

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Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.11  Machinery for the manufacture of fasteners (bulk metal forming)
  • 02.11.01  One-stage presses

One-stage presses

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.11  Machinery for the manufacture of fasteners (bulk metal forming)
  • 02.11.02  Multi-stage presses

Multi-stage presses

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.11  Machinery for the manufacture of fasteners (bulk metal forming)
  • 02.11.05  Thread rolling machines

Thread rolling machines

Our products

Product category: One-stage presses

Bearing Headers

Bearing Headers are dedicated machines for the bearing industry. These rugged headers form ball, tapered or cylindrical rollers at extremely high speeds to industry standards with exceptional quality.

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Product category: Multi-stage presses

FORMAX® Forming Machines

FORMAX 2000 design combines Zero-Clearance Heading Slide guiding, straight across transfer, sealed heading slide liners, precision linear feed, system quick-change offline setup, and advanced computer controls into a forming system that delivers close-toleranced parts to net or near net shape.
FORMAX PLUS cold former meets the challenge of difficult-to-transfer and tight-tolerance jobs with the patented Pick-Move-Place transfer. The FORMAX PLUS cold forming machine has all the standard features of the FORMAX 2000 cold forming machines such as Zero Clearance Heading slide guiding, sealed heading slide liners, and precision linear feed, but the FORMAX Plus also has increased forming tonnage, larger cutoff capacity, and expanded die space.
FORMAX PLUS Cold Forming Machines for Large Parts are especially effective for forming complex shapes that require superior tolerance control. Proven FORMAX features, like Pick-Move-Place Transfer, and Zero-Clearance Heading Slide Guiding give FORMAX PLUS for Large Parts "net shape" forming capability. These large cold forming machines also bring an entirely new breakthrough in automated machine setup, changeover and monitoring. With push button control one operator can make a complete changeover in just 30 minutes.
LeanFX combines the high performance standards of FORMAX® with the ease of operation and competitive pricing demanded by today’s global marketplace. Many of the same innovative, production-proven features that were introduced on FORMAX, are standard on LeanFX, including linear feed, Zero-Clearance Heading Slide, straight-across transfer and sealed heading slide liners. This global machine can produce high-quality fasteners and parts faster than any cold former on the market.
FORMAX Warm Forming machine has all the standard FORMAX features such as zero clearance heading slide, precision linear feed, sealed heading slide liners and the Formapak Quick-Change System. A FORMAX Warm Former can be either "prepared for warm forming" with basic specials, or customized based on the part application requirements and materials formed. This customization is important to have the right machine for the part application, not just a machine simply with a standard heater added.
FORMAX XXV is a new 25 mm cutoff version of FORMAX. It combines the best features from small and large FORMAX like expanded die-space, high production speeds, pick-move-place transfer, zero clearance heading slide guiding, sealed heading slide liners, and precision linear feed, with all new technology including servo controlled adjustments and a robotic tool changer. This tool changer accesses an external setup fixture to make changes automatically without requiring a person to enter the die area of the machine. The XXV is available in standard and short stroke models with five, six, and seven dies.

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Product category: Thread rolling machines

SMART Thread Rolling Machines

SMART NG and RNG thread rolling machines are compact, fast and flexible. These thread rollers were created to satisfy production needs of modern companies, allowing for quick response to the daily changing demands of the market, while utilizing state of the art of technology. SMART thread rollers are equipped with patented Direct Drive servo technology auto-setup for fast, easy, and precise set-up.

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Company news




Jan 23, 2020

WIRE show preview

National Machinery is a global leader in advanced cold & warm forming machinery, process technology, and customer support services. National Machinery’s global footprint provides support to customers locally on four continents. National Machinery and their alliance partners SMART Machinery Srl, Nakashimada Engineering Works, Mectron Inspection Engineering and Drawing Technology Inc. will be present at their booth A42 in Hall 16 at the upcoming 2020 Düsseldorf WIRE show. National Machinery and their partners provide a full product range for the metal forming industry.

The focus of National Machinery’s stand will be their dedication to advancing metal forming process technology. National’s Met-MAX Innovations is an entire R&D division devoted to process development of innovative net-shape processes. A worldwide team of over 30 highly skilled technicians utilizing sophisticated design tools and state-of-the-art development equipment are housed in a modern campus of laboratories.  They are committed to providing customers with effective forming solutions to enhance their business. Net-shape metal process development often yields new and higher-value part applications resulting in a competitive advantage in the customer’s market.  

Another exciting feature of the National Machinery booth will be an operational LeanFX10 cold forming machine with inline DTi 4325-120TSHC wire drawer. This particular machine has been specially designed with plexi-glass enclosure panels allowing visitors to view functioning components of the machine that are difficult or impossible to see on a standard model FORMAX®. The LeanFX10 will also feature their new Punch Clamp Monitor system, an alert designed to shut down the machine if there is a loose or improperly clamped punch.

SMART Machinery experts will be performing live demonstrations on two different models of SMART machines. The NGP and the NGS Flat Die Thread Rollers, utilizing SMART’s patented direct drive and servo driven systems will be threading parts with two different threading operations in only one pass. The NGP will feature a newly developed discharge sorter that guarantees to sort out bad parts while maintaining high-speed machine operation.

Representatives from our Customer Support Services will be available to explain National Machinery’s thorough Rebuilding process, Machine evaluation packages with beneficial trending data, and detail their extensive inventory with fast global delivery of spare parts.

Nakashimada will present their newest 2 die 3 blow parts former, model NP81. The Nakashimada NP series 2 die 3 blow Parts Formers are developed for high precision components. Their unique NP series 2 die 3 blow configuration with fingerless punch transfer and kick out in both Punches and Dies, enable the manufacture of complex, short, difficult-to-transfer parts free from the critical timing or alignment issues normally associated with finger transfer machines. Their vertical punch shift mechanism has greatly increased the accuracy of centering while reducing stress on large-diameter head and eccentric load parts, thus overall improving tool life.

Mectron inspection machines provide a 360° dimensional inspection using eddy current, metallurgical and crack detection for zero defect performance of fasteners, deep draw components, aerospace, ammunition and much more. Mectron will have a Q5000/8 Qualifier at the booth. The Q-series qualifier delivers high speed gauging and metallurgical inspection for a variety of parts in a wide range of materials. Utilizing Mectron’s patented laser array, the Qualifier provides 360° inspection of each piece, displays its dimensions on the computer screen and automatically inspects the part features and measurements. Mectron will also have their new patent pending Dimensional Surface Qualifier the DSQ-9000, at the stand. This qualifier is a camera and laser based system that uses statistical learning to inspect cylindrical parts. The parts traverse the machine by rolling along an angled rail by way of a conveyor belt which allows the camera to take 360° degrees of images for part inspection.

Experts from National Machinery, SMART, Nakashimada, Mectron and DTI will be available to answer your questions and help you determine the best machine and technology to suite your specific part application needs.

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National Machinery is a global leader in advanced cold and warm forming machinery, process technology, and customer support products & services. Through our continuing research and development, advanced manufacturing capability and worldwide network of sales and service locations, National Machinery has firmly established its position as the "World Leader in Metal Forming Technlogy".

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