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WTN Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten GmbH & Co. KG

Hohe Buche 15, 97996 Niederstetten
Telephone +49 7932 9120-0
Fax +49 7932 9120-50

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Uwe Traub


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Roland Hüttner

Technical Sales / Solid forming

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Alexander Lupp

Technical Sales / Solid forming

+49 7932 9120-60


Stefan Zang

International Sales

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Frank Baumgartl


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Thomas Schneider


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.01  Tools for wire production
  • 03.01.06  Tools for the manufacture of fasteners
  •  Pressing tools

Pressing tools

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.01  Tools for wire production
  • 03.01.06  Tools for the manufacture of fasteners
  •  Tools for forming technology

Tools for forming technology

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.01  Tools for wire production
  • 03.01.07  Other forming tools

Other forming tools

Company news




Jan 15, 2020

PECM – Precise Electro-Chemical Machining of metals

The precise electro-chemical machinig (PECM) is a cold, contactless erosion method with vibrating electrode and regulated working gap, which enables to remove the workpiece in a targeted and controlled manner. By PECM parts can be produced, that require highest accuracy and efficiency.

This technology allows the precise forming of nearly all metallic materials irrespective of their hardness.

As it is a cold and contactless procedure without heat input, this technology offers several advantages compared to conventional methods for metalworking:

-  No process-related wastage of electrodes:
-  Roughing, smoothing and polishing is possible in only one single step
-  Roughness up to Ra 0,05 µm is possible 
-  No white layers => so the workpiece exhibits longer endurance.
-  No temperature increase of the material structure => no changes in the microstructure or microcracks.

Therefore the PECM procedure offers the safety that your tools have identical contours and surface quality across all batch sizes and it guarantees that quality fluctuations due to different tools can nearly be excluded. That´s why this production method is especially suited for the manufacturing of forming tools.

As full-service supplier we consider the PECM-technology already at the designing of your tools. Because of our high in-house manufacturing depth all necessary blanks, devices and especially the electrodes can be produced by our own toolmaking sector. Furthermore the various possibilities of our quality assurance enable to test your tools by an optimal measuring method.
Benefit from the many advantages of this technology and of our know-how! Our experts will answer your questions at any time and are pleased to give you detailed information.

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Jan 15, 2020

Our customer workshops are a direct hit!

Under this motto we´re pleased to invite you every year to our customer workshops. Get lots of useful knowledge about solid forming and gain a comprehensive overview of our range of services and actual market developments.

In the workshop called “construction, simulation, KIT” we will show you how to benefit from our modular system by making use of partial performances adapted to your individual needs. Our engineers are optimally trained in the use of the simulation software SIMUFACT. Our experts look forward to show you how SIMUFACT can be used and how you can benefit from it.

PECM stands for Precise Electro-Chemical Machining of metals. In this lecture we will show you a great number of advantages that make this innovative technology so useful for your forming tools. Furthermore, find out what makes WTN to your competent partner relating to PECM.

The workshop „Carbide Milling and Coating” provides detailed information about what WTN is capable of in this field and about the advantages for the tools and tool life resulting from it.

In the workshop „glassed-in facility” we would like to make our production processes more comprehensible to you, so that you can experience several production methods live. Please take with us a view behind the scenes and learn more about our order management, the high in-house manufacturing depth as well as the quality assurance in our firm.

You will also be pleased to take part in a diversified framework programme and to have sufficient time for detailed conversations with the WTN-experts.

You also won´t pass so much useful knowledge? So please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to inform you about the further dates of our workshops as well as the particular agenda.

We look forward to see you!

WTN Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten GmbH + Co. KG
Tel.: +49 7932 9120-0

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About us

Company details

WTN- Know-How brought to Perfection
  • A company of the WÜRTH Group
  • Manufacturer of high-precision steel and carbide tools /dies for metal forming
  • Manufacturer of precision parts of all types in the micron range
  • Service provider for design engineering and consulting for the metal forming market
WTN- Technologies
  • CNC Turning: hard turning and carbides
  • CNC Milling: up to 5 axis simultaneous
  • CNC Grinding: internal grinding, external grinding, out-of-center grinding
  • Multitasking machine (turn-mill operation): complete processing of small and large order quantities / simultaneous and synchronous processing
  • HSC Technology: up to 5 axis simultaneous / carbide metal working
  • Spark Erosion: die sinking, wire eroding / wire-cut EDM in oil bath
  • PECM-Technology: cold and contact-free removal process / no change of microstructure (micro-cracks / white layers) / surface finish up to Ra 0.05 micron / accuracy of copy up to 10 micron
  • Finishing process: flow buffing/polishing, ultrasonic polishing / honing / AERO LAP process
  • Quality Control: QM-System according to DIN ISO 9001 / 3-axis-CNC-contour and surface measurement and monitoring / CNC-3D-measuring including 3D-scanning / optical measurement
WTN- Spectrum of Materials
  • Nonferrous metals
  • Tool steel
  • Carbide metal
  • Special materials
WTN- Simulation & Design Engineering
  • Realization of Feasibility Studies
  • Layout of Stages
  • Efficient Simulation Evaluation
  • Design Engineering of Toolkits
  • Generating of technical drawings
  • Manufacturing of Toolkits
  • On-Site Implementing of tools
  • Tool Improvement
  • Optimization of utilization ratio

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Area of business
  • Automotive supply industry
  • Services