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Excel Craft Machineries Pvt. Ltd.

B-20, I.D.A., Phase-1, 502319 Patancheru, Medak Dist.
Telephone +91 8455 246076
Fax +91 8455 240277

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.03  Machinery for the processing of wires and strips
  • 02.03.02  Multiple drawing machines for wire

Our products

Product category: Multiple drawing machines for wire

High Speed Straight line wire drawing Machines

Special Features

No slip and No twist Drawing → to obtain high quality Wire
Limited Dancer / Tuner roller → High responsive support for high speed wire drawing.
Full Dancer Arm → Controlled response for high speed Fine wire drawing.
AC Inverter driven, Motor → Low inertia constant HP motors and sturdy drive for smooth working and Low Power consumption.
Heavy Duty European Helical Gear Box → Employed to transmit heavy Torque with high efficiency. Bearings continuously lubricated.
Induction Hardened Special alloy Forged Blocks → Build for High wear resistance and max heat transfer.
High efficient Wide Gap turbulent water cooling → Special Jacket arrangement facilitating water turbulence to obtain maximum Heat transfer.
External Air Blast cooling system → Additional Air blast surrounding the Drum through the State of the art intricate Sump.
Cassette Die Box mechanism → Sturdy , High pressure design for better Die cooling.
Brakes for the OTO Block and the Last Block → To facilitate stopping of the machine.
DIN 800 Spooler - 1 tons Capacity → Heavy Duty, designed for high speed wire collection at 20 M/sec.
In house built efficient electronic Programming → Proven Machine logics, efficiently programmed considering all the constraints of the Drawing operation.

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Product category: Multiple drawing machines for wire

High speed Wet Drawing Machines

Special Features:

Heavy duty – Robust, user friendly & aesthetic construction.
Spindle Design -2 Spindles, 4 Spindles & 6 Spindles design
Drawing Direction - Single or Double direction Drawing design.
Hi-Pr jet Cleaning of Dies
Drawing Cones – Solid OR Sprayed WC material ( designed with 3 to 7 cone steps per shaft )
Water cooled Final Capstan
Sensitive wire compensator.
Designed Speed- Upto 35 M/sec.
AC inverter Electronics for better power efficiency.
Applications: to produce Co2 welding wire, Roping wire, Spring wire, SS wire, Instrument wire etc..
Wire material: High Carbon Steel , Medium Carbon Steel, Low Carbon steel both Black & Galvanized.
Inlet wire Tensile ranges : 40 kg/mm2 to 140 kg/mm2
Main Accessories: Payoff , OTO block, wire compensators, Coiler Block, Spoolers 150~603 dia etc..

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Product category: Multiple drawing machines for wire

High Speed Co2 Welding Wire Line Processing Machinery


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About us

Company details

We profoundly wish to introduce ourselves as Excel Craft Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as REDAELLI (INDIA) PVT. LTD., incorporated in the year 1994, a pioneer and leader in the field of manufacturing Wire and Cable making machines.

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