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Product category: Special and adapted cables

Flexible aluminum stranded wire with carbon fiber composite core

When the temperature of the wire being heated reaches a certain value, it is relaxed due to hot expansion of flexible aluminum, all tension of the wire will be transferred to composite material core at this temperature, and this temperature is called "inflection point" temperature (or transfer temperature); above this temperature, as the temperature increases, the arc sag of the wire is increased little due to a very small linear expansion coefficient of carbon fiber.

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Product category: Special and adapted cables

Aluminum wire with aluminum alloy core

Aluminum alloy wire with aluminum core is an energy-efficient conductor promoted by the State Grid Corporation of China, and is mainly applied in ultra high voltage overhead power transmission lines; it can improve the transmission power of unit corridors, and meet the power transmission requirements of "energy-saving and environmental protection and green power supply" promoted by the State Grid Corporation of China.

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Product category: Special and adapted cables

0.6/1 kV Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulated PVC Sheathed Hardy Power Cable

It is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage of 3kV or below under low temperature and cold region in the north. Its cold resistance performance can be kept with good softness under certain low temperature condition, in order to maintain the normal work of the cable.

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    Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., (referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) is a subsidiary of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. As world’s leading service provider of smarter energy and smart city , Smarter Energy is specialized in such fields as the R&D, manufacturing and sales of smarter energy, smart city technology, product, service and the application of its Internet and Internet of Things, planning and design of smarter energy and smart city project, investment & construction and energy efficiency management & service and smarter energy and smart city EPC, manufacturing products like intelligent distributed power supply technology and products, digital batteries, high performance power lithium batteries and new energy vehicles. Smarter Energy boasts its scientific research bases including Far East Holding Group Postdoctoral Workstation, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. Academician Expert Workstation, Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Graduate Workstation, National Enterprise Technology Center, National-recognized Laboratories and Jiangxi Provincial Lithium Battery Engineering Research Center.

    The subsidiaries of Smarter Energy include Far East Cable Co., Ltd., New Far East Cable Co., Ltd., Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd., Far East Trading Pay Network Technology Co., Ltd., Far East Material Trading Center Co., Ltd., Far East New Material Co., Ltd., Anhui Cable Co., Ltd., ShengDa Electric Co., Ltd., Beijing SEMEUREKA Electrics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Intelligence Power Co., Ltd., Far East First New Energy Co., Ltd., Far East Integration Technology Co., Ltd. and Far East Energy Service Co., Ltd. In 2017, Smarter Energy established Detroit Electric Co., Ltd. and became one of the company’s shareholders. Among all the subsidiaries of Smarter Energy,  Far East Cable Co., Ltd. has played a leading role in the industry for consecutive years in terms of the production and sales volume, and it has won “China Quality Award”. Far East Trading Pay Network Technology Co., Ltd. is recognized as the global platform for electrician, electric and e-commerce. Beijing SEMEUREKA Electrics Co., Ltd. is China’s leading service provider of power transmission and distribution automation system. Boasting Engineering Design Professional Qualification Class-A of power industry (including power transmission engineering and power transformation engineering), Engineering Design Industry Qualification Class-B of power industry and Engineering Consulting Professional Qualification Class-B of thermal power industry and other industries (including new energy industry), Shanghai Intelligence Power Co., Ltd. is the leading system service provider of electric power survey and design, engineering general contract of electric power industry, project management, engineering technical consulting and services and energy investment of China. Far East First New Energy Co., Ltd. is a leader in production of 18650 lithium battery in China. Detroit Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-end manufacturer of BEV with global leading technology.  

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> 500 Mio US $

Area of business
  • Wire industry
  • Cable industry
  • Electrical industry

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