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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.07  Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • 04.07.01  Thermoplastic materials
  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.07  Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • 04.07.01  Thermoplastic materials
  •  Flameretardant, halogenfree thermoplastic materials

Flameretardant, halogenfree thermoplastic materials

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.07  Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • 04.07.02  Crosslinked plastics
  • 06  Test engineering
  • 06.05  Laboratory test equipment
  • 07  Specialist areas
  • 07.06  Data technology/Production control

Our products

Product category: Flameretardant, halogenfree thermoplastic materials

Crosslink Halogen Free Flame retardant

PLEXLINK 2135 X is a moisture cured silane halogn free flame retardant compound that has superior processibility and has an oxygen index of 32. 

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Product category: Crosslinked plastics

Silane, Peroxide, HFFR self made compounds

Self compounding, now more than ever, has become a viable option in reducing the overall cost of a cable.

Plexchem realized very early on, that the technological process, for the Self compounding Cable Companies, had to be efficient, idiot proof, inexpensive and yet be able to manufacture quality compounds economically. The Cable Companies were interested in producing compounds to meet their requirements and were not in the business of selling compounds to others. So the compounding process had to be able to produce small batch lots on demand, without losing its cost effectiveness and at the same time, generating very little or no waste products.

Providing the Cable Companies with a fully integrated system is another important prerequisite. Unlike other technological providers, whose efforts were restricted in their scope and ability, Plexchem, and its licensees, are still major XLPE compounders to the cable industry. Many Cable Companies were already familiar with the compounds manufactured by one of the many licensees around the world. Thus, Plexchem will be able on the first trial run, to deliver products that are equivalent to those that are still in use, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming trial and error process.

Aside from the cost saving component, Cable Companies can enjoy products that are freshly made, reducing problems associated with storage, long transit times, detrimental temperature variations and limited shelf life. Unlike commercial compounders who manufacture a standard product, Self compounding Cable Companies are able to tailor the formulation to meet the demands of their equipment and circumstance.

Self compounding has the added benefit of improving the technological competence of the Cable Company. This acquired confidence would allow it to embark on product improvement and development projects, underlining their superiority over their competitors.

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Product category: Laboratory test equipment

Alternative to Aging Test conducted in under an hour!

Many compounders start their operations by focusing on their revenue generating equipment and would pay little attention to QC systems, which has to be considered as an integral part to the whole manufacturing process. Thus, Plexchem Technologies have introduced a range of affordable sample preparation and testing equipment that can be used to determine the quality of the finished compound or its corresponding products. Not contented to just supplying inexpensive, yet reliable testing equipment, Plexchem Technologies have introduce a range of innovative products that would enhance the testing process.
Plexchem Technologies latest pioneering improvement is an alternative to the Aging Test, which normally would take 7 days to complete. The Acelerated Aging Apparatus (AAA) is an alternative to this arduous and time consuming aging test which would be able to be completed in under 1 hour. 

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Product category: Thermoplastic materials

anti termite & anti rodent Masterbatches & Paint

Since the late 1990's Plexchem Technologies have introduced a range of environmentally friendly Masterbatches that have proven to be effective in many different regions of the world. These masterbatches have both Reach & RoHS approvals.

Most recently, in response to many enquires by end users, Plexchem have introduced an anti termite Paint to coat cables that are already in service. Such paints when applied on a cable surface will protect the cable for a period of 10 years and the life of the cable against termite infestation can be extended for a very long time, if re coating is performed once every 10 yrs thereafter. 
Plexchem will soon be introduce an anti rodent paint which is now under test.

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Product category: Data technology/Production control

CableSoft: The unique software that Enhances Cable Production Efficiency

CableSoft is an effective, user-friendly tool that will advance the engineering process of cable manufacturing which encompasses all necessary processes from construction design, implementation of quality standards, component identification & traceability, maintaining quality control records and the generation of technical/commercial documents 

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Company news




Mar 2, 2018

introducing some of our new products at Wire 2018

1) CableSoft is an effective, user-friendly software that will advance the engineering process of cable manufacturing

that encompasses construction design, standard implementation, component identification and traceability,

maintenance of quality control records and the generation of technical/commercial documentation.

2) Plexchem Technologies, the innovator of metal free and environmentally friendly anti vermin masterbatch, will introduce a

novel method of coating existing cables with an anti termite paint that would offer termite protection to a cable already in

service. This paint offers the same anti termite properties that have been successful used by many companies and in many large

scale projects in various countries over the past 20 years.

Please also check out our anti rodent masterbatch.

3) Accelerated Aging Apparatus: an effortless, innovative and more efficient method to predict the aging properties of plastics.

The usual aging test that would have taken 7 days to perform can now be condensed into less than an hour, effectively saving

money, time, labour and space.

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About us

Company details

Plexchem Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company which specializes in crosslinking technology, especially for the silane (PE-Xb) and peroxide (PE-Xa) processes, and the expertise to manufacture other polymeric specialty materials, such as HFFR, semi conductive, anti-vermin and XLPE pipe compounds.

Plexchem Technologies desires to position itself as a principal supplier of pioneering process technologies and innovative products for the infrastructure industry. This award winning company consists of a team of creative and experienced personnel, who in the early 80s were responsible for the original commercialization of the “Adsorption” process for making crosslinkable compounds.

Over the past 30 years, this process has been used in the production of over 300,000 tonnes of silane crosslinkable compounds. Many of the brand names Plexlink®, Kabelink®, Plexsil®, Plexlene®, Aegis® and others are familiar names of compounds being manufactured and shipped to repeat Customers all over the world.

The business activities of Plexchem Technologies and its subsidiary, Alchemix, stretches from the Eastern Pacific countries through the Indian sub-continent, the Middle Eastern regions and extending to eastern and southern Europe and on wards into South and North America.

With a consumption of well over 30,000 mts per annum of various silane crosslinkable compounds and growing at an astounding annual rate of over 20%, Plexchem Technologies has become a leading supplier of silane XLPE compounds throughout the world, establishing Plexchem Technologies as a truly global company.

Plexchem Technologies licenses its proprietary AddMix® technology to companies for their in-house manufacture of silane crosslinkable compounds using the “Adsorption” process. This includes the newly patented and innovative “idiot proof” on line compounding system. An equivalent system is available for the in house manufacturing of Peroxide compounds.

Technical facility in Singapore is ISO 9001 certified with the capability of performing scale-up trials and the manufacturing of many key components used in different compound applications. The company also undertakes joint activities with many well-known suppliers and customers to evaluate and develop new and exciting products for the benefit of all its licensees.

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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

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Area of business
  • Cable industry
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Chemical industry