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  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
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  • 02.03.02  Tube welding equipment

Tube welding equipment

  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
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  • 02.05.23  Laser cutting equipment
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  • 10.02.04  Profile working machines

Profile working machines

Our products

Product category: Laser cutting equipment

2D Laser Cutting of Finest Tubes

Finest tubes like implants or stents can be cut at cutting speeds of up to 20 mm/s on the fly at max. 20 revs/sec. Cut widths smaller than 20 microns showing excellent cutting edge qualities can be achieved both with dry and wet cutting - and non-radial cuts can be generated as well.

For these applications we recommend:  StarCut Tube or our femtosecond lasers

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Product category: Laser cutting equipment

3D Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel

Three-dimensional components of stainless steel, such as pipes, which are amongst other things applied in architecture, can be furnished cost-effectively with suitable sections with the help of system technology.

With lasers manifold outlines in almost any resolution can be cut. Thus, for instance, many thousand fine trenches can be inserted for a liquid filter into a Stainless steel plate. Thereby up to 500 trenches per cm2 are feasible.

For this application we recommend: DC Series, HighLight FL Series, StarFiber (for thin materials) or our femotsecond lasers

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Product category: Laser cutting equipment

2D Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel

High speeds of operation, excellent quality of cut edges and low heat affected zones render 2D laser cutting of stainless steel interesting for a broad range of applications. Cutting of hifi-housings, knives, scalpels or bone saws may be mentioned as an example. For scalpels a specific stainless steel is used, which is difficult to die cut. Here, laser cutting is an attractive alternative. Due to fast retooling times many different forms can be realized within a short period of time.

For this application we recommend: DC Series, HighLight FL Series, StarFiber (for thin materials)

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Coherent I Rofin

About us

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Your Industrial Laser Partner
The Right Solution for Every Application
Decades of laser and process know-how

The November 2016 merger of Coherent and ROFIN combined two companies with laser industry experience that goes back to dawn of the technology. Over 5,000 employees serve more than 20,000 customers and a large installed product base, globally. Together we have the most comprehensive technology portfolio, as well as in-depth application know-how, in a wide range of industries. This technology and application portfolio is particularly significant with respect to process knowledge for high performance lasers and laser systems for industrial use, with extensive technological competence in multi-kW fiber laser technology.    

Any material, any process: Optimized laser solutions for any industry and any application

We offer cutting-edge process solutions across all laser technologies, the full wavelength and power spectrum, including a variety of multi-kilowatt products. More than 50 years of experience in product and process development make us your ideal partner to deliver the optimum solution for your application, no matter the requirements. Our network of applications and process development engineers work with you to determine the right laser for your specific process needs.  

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