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  • 01.03.01  Wire drawing machines (dry, fine, multi)

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Product category: Wire drawing machines (dry, fine, multi)

Handstand Type Wire Drawing Machine/Handstand Type Wire Drawing Machine (Ribbed Wire)

A. Mechanical System :
1.The material of drive mandrel is imported from Japan, and gears' hardness can reach to HRC-59 after heat treatment and grinding.
2. Transmission of gear box adopts type of helical gear, and the gears are processed with Germany machine.
    Gears is suitable forlong time operating with high load. Long lifetime due to the surface of gears grinded based on grade 2 of JIS standard.
3. The efficiency of gear bite is about 95% with high torque. Gears are suitable for long time operating with high load.
    Gear box installed with oil level controller can prevent gear and bearing from damage caused by not maintaining oil seal in time.
4.The machine will stop working automatically and alarm while gear box is leaking oil. ( But this function is optional.)
5. Twin turntables for taking up the wire without stop drawing to increase capacity is optional. 
6. FCD Material and After hard treatment with Tungsten Carbide, hardness of block reaching HRC68∘. Lifetime of block can reach 5~8 years.
7. It can reduce risk and save manpower as there is a device of connecting chain which is convenient for worker to proceed the drawing job easily.
8. Cage to save space to fit into furance by limiting the diameter of coiler and to make earier on pack up.

B. Water Cooling System :
1. Die box pedestal with water cooling system, straighten roller equipped at front of die box for lengthen lifetime of die box effectively. 
2. Auto-stop device installed for trouble wire.
C. Erectronic Control System & Equipment for Industrial Safety :
1. Adopt German brand motor, and inverter imported from Japan with feedback torque compensation system which produces high torque at low speed.
2. Dust-proof control box : Mitusbishi Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) control system
3. Machine will stop running as soon as sensor detects that perator wants to enter into dangerous zone to prevent accident from happening.
4. Safety fence opens and closes controlled by pneumatic cylinder, and machine will stop running once safty fence is opened.
D. Roller Casselle for Ribbed Wire :
1. Roller cassette for ribbed wire is optional.
2. With Collasible steel cones : Composed of two distachable hot work steels which base material is hard processed.

E. Control Panel :
1. Take-up drum stand and wire drum are with motor indenpendenly. The tunningTake-up drum stand can be controlled to be jog or proportional or continuous operation,
    Speedometer installed on machine is easily monitored by operator.
2. Industry 4.0, Mitsubishi PLC plus HMI plus Code module are optional. Optional HMI system which touch panel's size is 8inches. 
3. PLC , programmable Logic Controller adopts Mitsubishi series equipped with Ethernet card.

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Product category: Wire drawing machines (dry, fine, multi)

Horizontal Type Wire Drawing Machine

A. Mechanical System :
1. Gear Box: Gear of alloy steel material adopts the spiral spur-gear drive. After heat treatment, grinding and processed with German machine, the gear is suitable for long time operating with high load.
2. The effeciency of gear bite is about 95%. Torque is high. And the gear is suitable for long time operating with high load.
3. Automatic Hydraulic Clipper System: No need for operator to draw chain with hands to connect wire and drum, reducing the risk of happening engineering accident.This operation is high efficiency as the clipper equipped with hydraulic system can clip and loosen wire rod automatically and no danger while operating.
4. Take-UP Device: Relaxing Wire Tension System will limit the coil diameter within 1600 mm. And PE material has been setup for wire protection inside the wire connector device.
5. Wire Drum: Adopts watercooling device. After quenching and tempering treatment and Tungsten Carbide treatment, drum's hardness reaches to HRC68∘. Under normal use, drum's lifetime can reach to 5-8 years. 
6. Die Box is easy to operate and control by using hydraulic cylinder. Adopts water cooling system. 
B. Electronic Control System :
1. Motor adopts Germany Brand. Inverter imported from Japan with Feedback Torque Compension System produces high torque at low speed.
2. Control Cabinet with Dust Prevention & Digital Speedometer
3. Reactive System can protect inverter from damage while three-phase voltage is not stable.   
4. Auto-Stop unit for finishing drawing & trouble wire via brake system.

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Product category: Wire drawing machines (dry, fine, multi)

Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine(Ribbed Wire)

1. Simple Descaling Machine DS-S12:
2. Attached with two sets of Roller Feeders controlled by air pressure have straightening function and could  feed  wire rod to drawing machine.
3. Inline Lubricantion System in auto circulation device with mixer in the tank.
4. Roller Casselle Type A (VRO-800/640)
5. Drum(Model:Φ800mm / Φ640mm) : Adopts two layers' design; the first layer's function is for wire drawing with roller castelle,
    while the second layer's function is for straigthening wire rod with rollers device via "X" "Y" cross correction dircetion.
6. Surface harness of drum reaches to HRC40°± 2°, and it can reaches to HRC68° ± 2° after Tungsten Carbide spraying on surface and surface grinding.
7. Cooling System: Drum aopts the high efficient cooling system (spiral type). Rooler Cassette adopts indirect cooling system with oil circulation.
8. Equipment for Industrial Safety is CE certificated.
9. The Other Functions: Available for drawing  round wire/ribbed wire/hard wire, based on customer's choice to design the suitable machine available to install with two roller cassettes.

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Gwo Lian offering a wide range of products and service, including manufacturing professionally metal wire rod drawing machines, R&D and the complete turnkey plant for the following metal wires : as high/mild/low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, alloy copper, titanium and the other metal wires.

Gwo Lian Mission
♦Reducing pollution to environment, Leaving Descendants a Pure Land
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♦Heaven rewards the diligent.
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♦No producing the defective products and No releasing the defective products out of factory.
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♦Be No. 1 in Asia & Racing Aggressively in the World

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