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Our products

Product category: Flanges

Flanges, rings and connectors made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal

Flanges, rings and connectors as part of a heavy-duty overall system, whose absolute safety you have to guarantee in the most extreme conditions, are our specialty. In road, rail and tracked vehicles, heavy plant, pipes for gas and water and many other systems, you can rely on one thing: the quality and reliability of the FFH-flanges and rings.

We are able to offer you tailor made quality - for any requirements. According to your calculations, your requested special dimensions or your drawings.

Of course, we produce according to the current standard EN 1092!

This also includes former standards such as:

Plain welding flanges according to DIN 2576
Loose flanges for flange pipes according to DIN 2642
Weld flanges according to 28031
Weld flanges according to DIN 28032
Welding neck flanges according to DIN 28034Special edition welding neck flanges according to DIN2632
Weld flanges according to DIN 28036
Weld flanges without cylindrical hub according to DIN 28038

As well as:

DIN 2501, DIN 2502
DIN 2572, DIN 2573
DIN 2641
DIN 2652, DIN 2653, DIN 2655, DIN 2656
DIN 2673, DIN 2674
DIN 4922
DIN 28124
DIN 86029, DIN 86030, DIN 86036, DIN 86044

Non-German standards are also no problem for us:

Flanges according to Norsk Standard
Plain welding flanges according to AMW
Flanges according to British Standards
Plain welding flanges according to other international standards

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2008

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Our trade marks

Flanschenwerk Hüttental GmbH

About us

Company details

Welcome to Europe's first specialised factory for flanges, rings and connectors made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Since its establishment in 1909, the flange factory Hüttental has been the source of every important invention and impulse which contributes to the rational and precision production of quality flanges, rings and connectors made of steel and stainless steel.

The success story continues without interruption: the material for the steel and stainless steel flanges or rings is delivered in bars and is melted together, perfectly using currently unique computer technology that even an ultrasonic testing device is unable to find a welded joint.
Welded flanges, aluminium flanges, welded rings and stainless steel flanges, all products leaving our house are produced and certified pursuant to DIN EN 9001:2008.

We bear part of your responsibility for your plant safety in rail and road vehicles, wind turbines and construction plant or in pipes for gas and water with our flanges and rings. And guarantee the required safety standards for DIN, EURO-Norm, TÜV, ÖNORM, DB and other certification bodies by way of test certificates.

Contact us for a reference offer! That is sure to convince you. Guaranteed!

Whether smooth flanges, container construction flanges, unusual flanges or stainless steel flanges: contact us and request our offer for comparison!

Our quality is your peace of mind!
We are certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2008.

We at flange factory Hüttental have been producing special flanges, flat flanges and other flanges customised for our customers for more than 100 years. Quality and experience in flange production speak a clear language, as you can see.

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