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Launch of Advanced Production System

This will be the premier launch for Bartells new advanced production systems. For more details visit

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.06  Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • 01.06.01  Coiling, winding

Coiling, winding

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.06  Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • 01.06.02  De-coiling, unwinding

De-coiling, unwinding

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.06  Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • 01.06.03  Spooling


  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.06  Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • 01.06.13  Material Handling

Material Handling

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.09  Cable and stranding machines
  • 01.09.03  Stranding
  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.09  Cable and stranding machines
  • 01.09.04  Twisting, bunching

Twisting, bunching

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.12  Special machinery and equipment
  • 01.12.06  Fibre optic manufacturing machinery

Fibre optic manufacturing machinery

Our products

Product category: Stranding

Roll Form Stranding

The Roll Form Stranding process combines the advantages of two highly productive processes, namely: Roll Forming and Single Twist or Double Twist Stranding. These two systems are forged together to create a high-speed continuous manufacturing cell to produce Unilay concentric circular or shaped conductors with fill factors between 76% and 97%.

The Roll Form Strander program includes equipment designed to accommodate reels up to 2240mm (84in) and can produce a variety of products which include:

  • Copper and aluminum stranded conductors between #8AWG and 600kcm or 10mm2 and 300mm2
  • Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR) using a single steel wire core
  • All Aluminum and Aluminum alloy Conductors (AAC & AAAC)
  • Cabling of insulated conductors

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Product category: Stranding

Tubular Stranders

The Bartell high-speed tubular stranders are constructed with durability and efficiency in mind to meet the most demanding production requirements. The tubular stranders are ideal for many industries and products such as copper, steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, jewelry, medical, automotive, aerospace, musical instrument wire, magnet wire, and fiber optic, push-pull cables, and many other specialty products and operate with 100% backtwist movement. With a state of the art design manufacturers can produce a quality product at higher speeds than ever before. The new ergonomically designed guarding package allows for easy string-up and maintenance. With the optional sound proofing, the noise level of the machine can be dramatically reduced. Available in configurations for the production of large wire conductors, round wire armoring or fine wire the Bartell tubular stranders set the standard for high-speed concentric stranding.

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Product category: Stranding

Planetary Strander

Planetary Stranders and Cablers minimize the twisting of bare wire/insulated conductors around their own axis by utilizing an eccentric ring principle to maintain the axis of the bobbins parallel as the cage rotates. These machines are designed in two versions: light duty, for cabling insulated conductors with low bobbin weight and; heavy duty, for stranding bare wire with high bobbin weight.

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Product category: Coiling, winding

Pay-Off & Take-Ups

Bartell offers a wide range of pay-offs and take-ups to support any application in the production of power cable, steel wire rope, telecommunication cables or any environment where continuous production is desired. Ease of use, reliability, and robustness are the cornerstones in which our pay-offs and take-ups are designed and tested. With reel ranges from 36 inches to 120 inches, weights up to 40,000 pounds and a variety of options and features Bartell offers the best solutions to ensure the consistent production of quality products.

Available in a variety standard configurations Bartell’s payoffs and take-ups can also be modified to fit a specific application or purpose built to meet even the most challenging requirements.

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Product category: Fibre optic manufacturing machinery

Fiber Optic Strander

This strander is designed for the stranding of fiber optics with precise tension control. Line component parameters are set and controlled from operator HMI touch screen. The path of the material is precisely guided. Each position is equipped with an extremely low friction, pneumatic pre-loaded dancer arm that maintains the preset tension during the process. Each spindle is driven to ensure the preset tension is maintained throughout the run.

Bartell designs planetary strander lines with rotating cage and stationary cage for assembly fiber optics and small size power and control wires

This design is available to accommodate a wide range of reels to suit fiber length required.

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Product category: Stranding, Twisting, bunching

Cable Twinner

Twinning and Cabling Line tandemizes two processes of twinning and cabling in a single production line. Backtwist concept adds the capability of neutralizing the effect of concentricity between the conductor and its insulation, results in the averaging of mutual capacitance, capacitance unbalance (NEXT loss) and impedance.

  • 4 individual inside-out backtwist double twist twinner
  • Suitable for solid HDPE, FEP, FRPE, Foam HDPE, FEP insulations
  • Adjustable variable backtwist
  • Precise wire tension adjustment
  • Aerofoil shaped bow with low tension/speed profile
  • Single Twist cabler with torsion lock
  • Max. design speed: 2250 RPM (4500 Twist/min)
  • Copper diameter range: 0.40 – 0.65 mm (AWG # 26-22)
  • Variable backtwist : 0-30%
  • Lay range: 6.35 – 50 mm (0.25- 2 inches)
  • Single twist cabler reel size: 1000 mm
Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

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Company news




Nov 21, 2017

Finding Next-Generation Solutions through University Engagement

Rome, N.Y.  – As modern industrial machinery systems become more complex and connected various industries and universities are developing ways to deploy and integrate ever more advanced technologies. One of the technologies that are gaining momentum is augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) is where a virtual environment or item, typically constructed in a digital format, is merged with reality as a projected overlay or hologram. This unique ability allows for the creation of various scenarios with real spatial awareness providing the opportunity for its users to develop skills, optimize solutions or solve problems without the expense of having the physical components available to the user.

In order to spark innovation Bartell is working in cooperation with Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. Students from the industrial and interaction design program are developing concepts in a design studio, led by Prof. Ralf Schneider, in which AR technologies are applied to real-world challenges such as machine design, human-machine interaction, and smart machinery systems.

Members of the Bartell engineering team, Mike Garlington, mechanical design engineer, Devon Jalowiec, mechanical design engineer, and Teresa Gage, technical writer, have introduced the students to Bartell’s markets, machinery, applications and technologies allowing them to craft projects that define new applications for AR technologies in industrial environments.

Bartell’s V.P. of Engineering Paul Gatley feels that there is a real opportunity to apply these types of technologies to industrial manufacturing. “The cycle of building complex industrial manufacturing solutions is not only challenging for the suppliers but the customers as well. Introducing solutions into the cycle which improves the ability to communicate, design, manufacture, operate and support machinery systems is critical in today’s manufacturing environment. Our objective is to educate not only ourselves in these emerging technologies and define how they might be applied to our solutions but expose the students to industrial environments that they were not aware of or familiar to widening their vision to what is possible. We hope that our relationship with Syracuse University grows to incorporate not only AR projects but physical design as well. Expanding our view beyond the traditional engineering silos will allow Bartell to evolve to meet the future of manufacturing, provide our customers world-class solutions and be successful long into the future.”

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Bartell Machinery Systems has been a global leader in highly-engineered industrial manufacturing solutions for over 75 years. Being an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OSHAS 18001:2007 certified company has allowed Bartell to deliver the most advanced and proven machinery systems for the production of a wide array of products in the most demanding applications.  Our passion is to set new standards for quality, performance, and value in every machine we build!

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