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Product categories

  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
  • 02.05.06  Drilling, turning, chamfering, pointing

Drilling, turning, chamfering, pointing

  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
  • 02.05.07  Attaching ribs, grooving, thread cutting

Attaching ribs, grooving, thread cutting

  • 07  Specialist areas
  • 07.01  Plant engineering and construction

Plant engineering and construction

Our products

Product category: Plant engineering and construction

VLC 800 MT

Maximum Productivity with the VLC 800 MT Machining Center

The powerful milling spindle that is integrated in the Y- / B-axis on the machining center supports heavy milling and boring operations. The optional tool magazine, with up to 96 slots, can be loaded while machining, reducing setup time and allowing the use of sister tools.

The proven EMAG turret, with up to 12 slots, is also available for turning operations on the machining center.

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Product category: Drilling, turning, chamfering, pointing

VL 2

The basic VL 2 machine, a three-axis inverted vertical turning machine, has an eye-catching design. The lathe's basis is the machine body made of MINERALIT® polymer concrete. The working spindle is mounted on the front of the machine bod y on a compound slide, which completes movements in the X- and Z-axes. The turret is located below the working spindle and can hold up to twelve turning or driven tools. In addition, the VL 2 cnc turning machine can be equipped with a Y-axis in the turret.

The lathes are also ideally designed for use in assembly line production, as the VL 2 turning machines can be linked with simple automation components, such as conveyors , flip-over units, and changers.

Workpieces that can be machined with the lathe include flanges and gears. Here, combining the vertical lathes with other modular machines offers an efficient way to implement an assembly line for gears, for example. The cnc turning performed by the VL 2 is complemented by a subsequent process on a VL 4 H for the tooth hobbing and the use of a VLC 100 C for chamfering.

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Product category: Attaching ribs, grooving, thread cutting


One thing that all chamfering processes have in common is that the front edges of gears, e.g. in transmission components, must be machined both evenly and with high repeatability. The ChamferCut procedure in particular has been established as a chamfering technology that allows the machining of transmission components without residual burrs and bulging. The ChamferCut process allows optimum chamfering all the way down to the tooth base. Precise tooth base chamfering may be challenging with other types of chamfering processes, however EMAG’s even allows adjustments in chamfer corrections without a problem.

ChamferCut can be used immediately after gear hobbing, e.g. on the VL 4 H vertical hobbing machine, in the same clamping operation. To do this, the ChamferCut tool is mounted on the hob arbor of the cutter in addition to the hob. ChamferCut can equally be used on the chamfering and deburring machine VLC 100 CC, e.g. for line production in combination with other EMAG modular machines.

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