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Ronny Lasner

Xiris Automation GmbH

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  • 06  Testing
  • 06.02  Non-destructive testing of finished products
  • 06.02.09  Optical testing

Our products

Product category: Optical testing

WI2000/3000 – Weld Inspection for Tubes & Pipes

The WI2000/3000 post weld inspection system is a laser-based 3D inspection system specifically for the tube and pipe industry to detect a number of key quality issues related to the forming and welding processes on tube or pipe mills.

Defects inspected include mismatch, undercut, sunken welds, bead height, deflection, freeze line and scarfing defects down to 0.015mm in size on a typical tube or pipe mill. The system includes a high speed, high precision laser sensor head and integrated HMI console with real-time analysis and recording of production that can be integrated with the mill or process monitoring system and Industry 4.0 technologies.   

The WI Weld Inspection system can be configured as a single head system, or as a double head unit.  One head can be placed immediately after the weld box to detect weld related issues and one head immediately after scarfing to detect scarf related issues.  

Measuring and monitoring these key variables is the first step in improving weld quality and optimizing production to meet the ever demaning quality requirements of the industry.

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Product category: Optical testing

XVC-1000 - Weld Monitoring System for Tube and Pipe Production

The XVC-1000 Weld Monitoring System allows Tube & Pipe fabricators to remotely monitor their live TIG, Plasma or Laser Welding Processes.  The system includes a High Dynamic Range Camera that is able to simultaneously see all features of the torch tip and weld arc, its surrounding environment and its position relative to the Tube/Pipe weld seam.  Benefits for the fabricator include increased productivity through reduced set up and adjustment time; improved health and safety conditions for the operator; and better weld quality through improved monitoring of the seam alignment and the weld process quality.

The system comes with an optics kit that can create a small enough Field of View to provide high-resolution images of the weld pool detail as parent tube material is melted and subsequently solidified.  Operators are able to clearly see if defects such as dross or porosity develop and monitor the condition of the weld tip, shielding gas and material fit up in real time.       

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Product category: Optical testing

SeamMonitor™ system

The Xiris SeamMonitor™ system automatically detects and tracks the alignment between the welding torch and seam while providing operating personnel with an exceptional image of all relevant details of the open arc welding process.  This helps optimize the welding process in real time and enhances the overall capability of the equipment and operators.    

The SeamMonitor™ system includes our Xiris, HDR XVC camera and has been developed to reliably detect the position and width of the weld seam relative to the torch tip, and the condition of the torch tip.  

The intuitive software also enables the operator to set multiple warning and alarm limits that can integrate with other automation and notification systems.  Additionally, all parameters and images can be recorded and stored for process monitoring and quality assurance purposed or integrated with other automation or process monitoring and Industry 4.0 technologies. 

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About us

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Innovation is a differentiator for Xiris as we drive this through our philosophy of continuous improvement in everything we do, modeled after the Japanese philosophy of Kai-zen (“change for the better”). Our customers gain sustainable benefit from our continued efforts to constantly be better in what we make and what we do.

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