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Assembly and miniaturisation go hand in hand

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Screws hold the world together – or so it seems, when you have a look around in your home. However, screws also do their work unseen. You only need to think of watches or cameras, hearing aids or miniscule cardiac pacemakers. But how do these tiny connecting elements find their correct place, especially when it comes to the field of microelectronics?

The answer appears to be quite logical, because for every screw, no matter how small, there is a matching screwdriver – or rather a micro-screwdriver. A specialist in this field will be introduced in July’s theme of the month, which follows a certain motto: Assembly and miniaturisation. Hand in hand.

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Monthly topic: Assembly and miniaturisation go hand in hand
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Düsseldorf CityTip: Retrospective Olaf Breuning

Topic of the Month

Assembly and miniaturisation go hand in hand

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Complicated electronic systems have to be developed at an acceptable price, manufactured and brought onto the market quickly and have to be utterly reliable as well as energy efficient. Vastly increased performance capabilities and constant miniaturisation have characterised the past decades of developments in electronics.

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. is known for their continued product optimisation and for introducing new developments for the assembly of miniaturised components.

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Important news:

• Metal content plastics can reduce risk of production contamination
• Leoni paves the way for faster data transmission

The industry news

Düsseldorf CityTip

Retrospective Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning: The Art Freaks, 2011 / NR
Olaf Breuning is known for his impressive pictorial worlds and his ironic views on a reality that is shaped by the media. His photographs, videos, drawings and installations make use of a shared visual language and mix symbols from the world of pop and the media with icons of high culture. Somewhere between humour and a painful seriousness, they make us aware of our consumerism, Western stereotypes and gender clichés and analyse the relationship between art and kitsch, reality and illusion, authenticity and artificiality. The NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will dedicate the biggest retrospective to date, including all important work cycles from the past 15 years.
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