ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH is new partner for VetoBelts from VALMET

We are proud to announce that ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH is the new sales partner of  Lektar Oy Finland for Valmet products.

Valmet cable pulling belts are designed for caterpillar and pulling machines that produce various types of electricial cables.
The belts are extremely durable and guarantee exact tolerances.

Valmet's proven VetoBelt products are available in three different hardnesses.
The soft VetoBelts 50 RSB are suitable for caterpillar machines.
The medium-hard VetoBelts 60 RTX, PETX and DTX can be used for caterpillar  and wind-up production lines, while the hard VetoBelts 70 RKP are the preferred option for tracked machines.

 We are looking forward to your inquiries for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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