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Precise Quality Control directly at the extruding line – VisioCablePro® presents new measuring device for cables and tubes

Time efficiency, connectivity and short distances are only a few of factors which define modern production and whose optimisation always presents manufacturers with new challenges. The new automatic wall thickness and cross-section measuring device AlphaOne from VisioCablePro® is the perfect complement to the proven all-rounder VCPX5, being a more cost-effective alternative that does not have to accept any compromises in terms of quality.

Compared to its big brother VCPX5, the new measuring device AlphaOne is equipped with only one images field, depending on the outer diameter range. The idea behind this concept is very simple: within a cable factory, various intermediate stages such as cores and jackets are produced on different extrusion lines, whereby the diameter range of the cables produced by an individual extrusion line remain relatively constant. For this reason, the AlphaOne is placed directly next to the individual lines and thus saves the workers time-consuming walking distances for the intermediate tests. Additionally, a quicker intervention in the process is made possible.

Due to its compact and space-saving design and due to its very affordable price, multiple measuring devices can be places at each production line within a factory.

As usual with all VisioCablePro® products, the AlphaOne is also strictly based on the most important international standards (e.g. IEC 60811, LV112, ICEA S-94-649-2013) and thus fulfils all requirements in combination with the new VELOX_cable measuring software easily. The new measuring software enables a direct connection between measuring devices and customer’s existing adapted CAQ software or also with VisioCablePro®’s own CAQ software ProCable 3.

Besides the homogeneous Backlight for measuring one-layered samples (similar to a shadow-graph/profile projector), the new AlphaOne also additionally has a white Frontlight, which can be used to measure a large number of simple, multi-layered samples.  The in-house developed intelligent coloured Frontlight (LUMIMAX® by iiM AG) in combination with higher resolution monochrome cameras especially designed for complex multi-layer samples will remain the outstanding feature of the VCPX5 cable measuring device, as this all-rounder has a more versatile field of application (incoming inspection, laboratory, production, anywhere) as well as a larger diameter range (up to 3 measuring fields from 0 – 150 mm).  

The operation for the AlphaOne is very simple and intuitive. The lighting conditions are directly set via hardware button on the device – differently than with the flagship VCPX5. Due to the ideally pre-set / default light and camera parameters, as well as the fixed working distance towards the sample, the user influence is reduced to a minimum.

In contrast to its larger brother VCPX5, the AlphaOne does not have an integrated PC with touch screen. However, it can ideally be integrated into the company’s internal hardware landscape via a windows PC provided by the customer. Optionally, the AlphaOne can of course be configured with a separate All-In-One PC with touchscreen.

The new measuring device offers an interesting possibility to check the quality not only for cable manufacturers, cable assemblers and cable trading houses:

“Due to its functionality and simplicity, the software and the attractive price, the AlphaOne is predestined to serve other markets in addition to the cable market, e.g. manufacturers of hoses or plastic pipes. […] Especially single-layer products are often extruded in these industries and the standards are not quite as strict as in the cable industry.” says Fabian Henkel, Product Manager at VisioCablePro®

In combination with the specially designed sample preparation devices for perfect samples by VisioCablePro®, the AlphaOne assists you together with the VCPX5 to ensure the quality of your products directly at the extrusing line, to monitor quality and if necessary, to intervene just-in-time.

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