Siemens Limited reported that it has delivered 1200 kilovolts transformer to central transmission utility Power Grid Corporation for the latter's test station at Bina in Madhya Pradesh.

Spanning over long distances and with a transmission capacity of 8,000 megawatts (MW), the new 1200 kV system will have low transmission losses, Siemens said in a statement.

Power Grid plans to move country's transmission system to 1200 kV, the highest capacity power transmission system voltage in the world, by year 2017.

It has set up the test station at Bina through a unique public-private partnership where all ultra-high voltage equipment have been developed indigenously by a consortium of manufacturers based in India, the statement said.

Once live, the project would improve the efficiency of transmitting power over long distances - from energy generation centres to load centres.

"The 1200 kV transformer that will form a part of the Power Grid's ultra-high voltage test station is yet another proof of this commitment. The roll-out of the project will deliver power to the length and breadth of the country without compromising on right-of-way, land and the environment," said Sunil Mathur, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens India.

The power transmission capacity of the 1200 kV line will be more than double as compared to the one possible through 800 kV line. This technology will make it possible to evacuate large amount of electric power from distant generating stations to load centres by interconnecting regional grids.

The new 1200 kV system will need less than half the space used by the existing 800 kV system with fewer numbers of lines for transmitting the same power, thus reducing the land footprint and overall environmental impact, the statement added.