Mit Up-and-Down-Biegewange Zeit und Geld sparen

PowerBend Professional UD saves exhausting and time-consuming turn-over of big metal sheets

© Schröder Group

Folding machine PowerBend Professional UD © Schröder Group

The specialized dealer Chmieliński relies on manual folding machines as well as on motorized folding machines from Hans Schröder Maschinenbau and SCHRÖDER-FASTI. On this year’s MACH-TOOL the Polish Schröder sales representative is centering the industrial folding machine PowerBend Professional UD.

Powerful drives, a robust torsion-resistant machine body and an extremely precise gauge control lead to a perfect repeat accuracy for series production. Thanks to the Up-and-down folding beam one single operator is able to handle big metal sheets efficiently. This turns the machine into an ideal tool e.g. for the flexible production of façade systems with large parts.

Source: Schröder Group