Since 2012, SSB offers complete REVERSE COILING LINES with revised design and control for shielded low voltage and medium voltage cables.

The advantage of LV- or MV-cables with a waveconal shielding is their easy and safe installation.

The SSB shielding system features a high efficiency, a very good product quality and a long runtime as it uses drums for the copper tapes  in the taper. The mobility of its components ensures a flexible operation within the whole surface line.

The entire plant is controlled with a central pivoting touch panel.

The plant is designed for putting shield wires made of soft aluminium or copper wires on a core (cable) in a sinusoidal shape. In order to fix them, the wires are wrapped onto the core with a copper or aluminium tape.

Main parameters: (Deviation on customer’s request)

< Line speed:                           V max. = 50 m/min.
< Core diameter:                   (cable diameter) 15 – 70 mm
< Metal shield:                       consists of max. 120 soft copper or aluminium wires
                                            with a diameter of 0.4 to 2.5 mm depending on the material


< Fixation:                                Using a copper or aluminium tape with a thickness of 0.1 – 0.2 mm and a
                                            width of 5 – 15 mm.

In detail, the plant consists of:

  1. Compensation  Device for adjusting the wire
  2. Reverse coiling device
  3. Central tape coiler
  4. Stabilisation crawler
  5. Electrical equipment and control