Being at Wire China is a must for all industry partners. And we of ROSENDAHL NEXTROM bring along our manufacturing solutions for optical fiber and cable production. We are experts in Extrusion, Corrugation, Optical Fiber and SZ-Stranding. We supply high-tech process technology along with customer service in a long-term partnership. Get manufacturing solutions for the production of Power Cables, Automotive Wires, LAN Cables, Coaxial Cables, Extrusion Crossheads, Preforms, Fiber Draw Towers, Fiber UV-Coating and Fiber Optic Cables from one source. We connect our technology to your needs.

At Wire China 2014 ROSENDAHL NEXTROM will present latest advancements and technology highlights, including new developments in high speeds, low voltage, medical wire through micro coax, VAD OVD preform technology, high performance draw technology and proof test and solutions for specialty fiber production.

Our experienced staff will be pleased to welcome you at our booth to answer all your questions.

For more information please refer to the respective web page Thank you for contacting us!

See you at the Wire China 2014!