More than 14,000 accessories for mould making

Meusburger launches its new catalogue Accessories 2014|2015

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Über 14.000 Produkte im neuen Meusburger E-Teile-Katalog 2014|2015 - Bild: Meusburger

The leading manufacturer in the field of standard parts has just reprinted its popular catalogue of accessories for mould making. On the 565 pages of the 2014|2015 edition, customers will find a product range of more than 14,000 accessories. With it, Meusburger lives up to its reputation as a system supplier for tool and mould making.

New accessories for mould making

On 565 pages, the new catalogue presents a complete overview of Meusburger's range of accessories that has been expanded over the last two years. Compared with the 2012 catalogue, more than 1,1000 new E - Accessories have been added. For example, the range of products now includes through-hardened ejector pins with DLC coating and g6 tolerance. The new E - Accessories catalogue is also impressive with its new, innovative slide units and the new product group 'Electrical components'.

Handy book form and easy handling

The new catalogue is stunning with its easy handling. The accessories have been arranged in 14 product groups. The handy indexes enable fast access to any product and the icons allow for the components' quick identification. On the last pages of the catalogue there is an alphabetical search index. For many items, useful tips have been added that simplify the customers' daily work.

A large warehouse for instant availability

At the large Meusburger warehouse with more than 18,000 m² of storage area, there are more than 70,000 items for mould making in stock. This ensures permanent availability and very short lead times.

Source: Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG