Leoni makes cables ‘elastic’

Spiral and coiled cables extendable to 20 m and more

© 2015 LEONI

Spiral and coiled cables extendable to 20 m and more © 2015 LEONI

Leoni, leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, can make cables ‘elastic’. Leoni spiral and coiled cables can contain all manner of cable components and can be elongated to 20 metres and more. Ready-to-fit and tailor-made Leoni cables of this type are used not only for hand switches, but also in a variety of medical technology applications.

Spiral and coiled cables provide major benefits when any spare cable length is not to sag interferingly but nevertheless to cover some distance. The development and production of such dedicated special cables is part of Leoni’s portfolio. In principle, we can in so doing incorporate all kinds of cable components: cores, tubes, fiber optic conductors – only the choice of materials is key to the cable’s coilability.

TPE, in particular, is suitable as an insulation material for outstanding electric transmission properties combined with good reset force, media resistance and mechanical resilience. Yet very good results can also be achieved with PUR, ETFE, FEP, PFA and PVC.

At Leoni, we can make spiral or coiled cables with conductor cross-sections from AWG44 (0.002 mm²) to approx. 300 mm² and with a cable diameter of up to 55 mm. The block length can be up to 1.80 m; when elongated, a length of as much as 20 m and more is possible. The maximum coil diameter is 1.20 m. Not least, Leoni spiral and coiled cables are tested and verified flexible at temperatures as low as –40°C.

Use in dosimetry

Leoni recently developed coiled sensor cables for a dosimeter as used in radiotherapy. Readings are quickly, accurately and reliably transmitted via these special cables in the form of electrical signals.

As the sensor moves within a space during measurement, this called for cables that do not obstruct easy positioning, that are electromagnetically compatible and that function long-term when used in air and even in water.

Leoni supplies ready-to-fit spiral cables with defined elongation lengths and reset force for this application. They are electrically and mechanically stable thanks to their compact construction and a special jacket material.

Source: LEONI