Fuses for on-board circuit protection

Designed for automated assembly


UMT-H: SMD-Sicherung mit hohem Ausschaltvermögen © SCHURTER AG

SCHURTER offers a wide range of solutions for primary and secondary protection directly on the circuit board. The fuses UMT-H, UMF 250 and 250 UMT offer compact as well as precise solutions, which furthermore are pulse resistant. The range is complemented with the two types UMZ 250 and UMK 250, with preassembled clips and fuse links. The matching fuse holders are glow wire resistant and ideal for reflow soldering.

The UMF 250 is a quick-acting SMD fuse that protects electronic systems from overcurrents and short circuits. The SCHURTER fuse is available for rated currents from 500 mA to 10 A and boasts a high breaking capacity of up to 200 A at rated voltage. The UMF 250 enables both primary and secondary protection right on the circuit board itself and can be used to protect power supplies, medical devices, lighting systems, household appliances, and industrial equipment.

The UMT 250 SMD fuse has been designed to protect against overcurrents and short circuits. Extremely compact, it also checks the boxes in terms of saving space and simplifying production. With a breaking capacity of 200 A at 250 V AC and a time-lag design, it can provide primary protection for a wide range of 250 V AC applications such as industrial electronics and medical devices.

Designed in accordance with IEC and fitted with clip technology, the miniature time-lag UMZ 250 SMD fuse can be replaced more easily after soldering on the circuit board itself. It is available for 18 different rated currents from 80 mA to 4 A. Its ultra-small design enables a quick and efficient pick and place cycle, simplifying the production process.

The quick-acting UMK 250, a combination of fuse and fuseholder, is the logical complement to the time-lag UMZ 250. It offers the same benefits as the UMZ 250 in terms of exchanging fuses and is available for ten rated currents from 500 mA to 4 A. The UMK 250 is an ideal replacement for structurally identical SMD fuses that do not come with fuseholders.

The UMT-H is an SMD fuse with a high breaking capacity of 1500 A. The range covers 19 rated currents from 160 mA and 10 A and can protect a variety of different applications. This compact fuse prevents short circuits while also offering reliable protection against overcurrents and is a space-saving alternative to traditional cylindrical cartridge fuses. Its areas of application include industrial electronics, sensors, power supply systems, explosion protection, and lighting.