Complex IBS Coatings Starting at 266 nm

High-Power Coatings in the UV Range


Complex IBS Coatings Starting at 266 nm. Photo © 2014 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

Particularly complex coating designs with compact and homogeneous layers that retain barely any water are manucfactured with the ion beam sputtering technology, IBS. These optical coatings are extremely low drift and insensitive to temperature fluctuations; in many cases they have more than 100 layers. As a result, reflections of R > 99,99% are possible for mirrors.

LASER COMPONENTS uses a new coating material that makes it possible to create coatings in the spectral range starting at 260 nm. Typical products are complex mirror coatings at 266 nm and 355 nm and thin-film polarizers in the UV range.

Another advantage are the high damage threshold values, measured at 532 nm, 1064 nm, and 2 μm. Compared to conventional layers the damage threshold at 1064 nm (20 ns, 20 Hz) is several times higher.

Because of the new coating material, novel and very specialized products are possible. Customer searching for a special coating with extraordinary characteristics are in good hands at LASER COMPONENTS: Not only the R&D department is located in Germany but also the production facility. Joint projects with customers are possible in many cases - directly contact the company for further information.