Analyzing control data free of losses

Due to the now higher performance of the module, it is possible to read the control data of established suppliers of automation technology at cycle speeds of up to 25 µs in real time and further process these data.

Compared to the successful predecessor ibaLink-SM-128V-i-2o, the number of signals which can be transferred simultaneously, has increased tenfold. The control data are transferred to the iba measurement data acquisition system using a fibre optics connection. The data acquisition system analyzes the process data and allows for an event based data management.

The ibaLink-VME module is suited for all controllers which are based on a common VME32- or VME64-system. Among other things, using this module, a connection to the control systems of the vendors Siemens, Converteam and GE can be established.

The iba module is plugged into the system and has - following a simple configuration - full access to the system. The ibaLink VME module replaces the predecessor module ibaLink-SM-128V-i-2o. This module was able to transfer signals in a millisecond cycle. For controllers working with a 600 µs-time slot like the Simatic-TDC controller, the predecessor module could not provide images with cycle accuracy.

The new ibaLink-VME can process cycle speeds of up to 25 µs and is - compared to the predecessor - forty times faster. Moreover, the 3.3-Mbit/s-FO protocol has been replaced by a 32-Mbit/s-protocol with a flexible data rate (ibaNet Flex-protocol). Instead of the 128 signals that the predecessor could transfer, the enhanced version can now transfer 1,024 analogue and 1,024 digital signals in ms cycle.

Operating modes

The ibaLink-VME can be operated using different protocols. The highest degree of flexibility is offered by the new ibaNet-protocol 32Mbit Flex. When using the ibaLink-VME with 32Mbit Flex, the data rate, the data amount and the data format can be selected freely.

For small data amounts, the cycle time can be reduced down to 25 μs at 65 Bytes. The highest selectable data amount is 4.060 Bytes. In this mode, the cycle time is 1.4 ms. Cascading of up to 15 devices is possible. For keeping up the compatibility to the predecessor, the module can be operated in the 3.3-Mbit mode. In this mode, up to eight devices can be connected in series.

ibaLink-VME at a glance

- Connection of VMEbus based systems to ibaPDA-V6 or ibaLogic
- Compatible to the predecessor module ibaLink-SM-128V-i-2o
- Can be used in all common VME32- and VME64-systems
- Bidirectional FO connection for analogue and digital input and output signals
- Unidirectional FO connection for analogue and digital output signals or diagnosis
- Supports the ibaNet 3Mbit, 32Mbit and 32Mbit Flex communication protocols
- Flexible selection of data rate, data amount and data formats with 32-Mbit Flex
- Supports different operation modes (cascading, peer-to-peer)
- Voltage supply via VMEbus
- Fast data exchange using Dual-Port-RAM-technology
- Consistent block transmission

Source: iba AG