TALKATOR – NEXT GENERATION series (world's first)

For 60 years, ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH has been the world's leading and most innovative supplier of RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines in the cable and rubber industry with over 1500 satisfied customers in over 60 countries. A pioneer in the industry - often copied, but unmatched in quality!

TALKATOR and TALK-O-MAT were the first two own machine lines from ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH, which founded the worldwide success of the machines in the 1960s and 1980s.
Based on the simplicity of these old machines, we have developed two new, attractive products that are used in different areas and complement the RS POWDERTECH powder coating machine series.

TALKATOR NG SPC series for low speed powdering processes in the cable or rubber industry with low or medium requirements for the coating quality. Fixed powder chamber, RS AirStreamTechnology (1-2 pistols). Special machines are not available.

TALKATOR NG DR (drum roll) for powdering of small parts or granules with medium to high requirements for the coating quality. Fixed powder chamber, no e-statics (1-2 nozzles). Special machines are not available.

Apart from our own brands RS POWDERTECH and RS MULTICUT, a wide range of machines for the rubber and plastics industry from various well-known manufacturers is offered.

In addition to the sale of machines, the product range also includes service, spare parts, tests, maintenance, retrofitting and overhauling.

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