RSC Powder coating machine

During the Wire show in Düsseldorf ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH, Reinfeld/Hamburg will present different versions of its electrostatic powder coating machines. The machine model RSC was designed to powder cables, wires, hoses, and profiles evenly, finely dosed and absolutely dust-free with powders like talc, stearate, varnish powder, swellable powder, graphite etc.

In the machine there is installed a fully automatic and maintenance free filter system which is not cleaned-off by blowing in compressed air. Thanks to this filter system a strong and constant vacuum is generated in the machine, so that it can be guartanteed no powder will escape into the ambient.

The machine will be manufactured according to the required extrusion speed and product diameter. To fit the machine perfectly into your line several options are available to design the machine. We offer many special solutions, also for powdering single strands before stranding.

In order to convince you of the dust-free working performance we will show the machine in function with powder.

Exhibitor Data Sheet