For 60 years, ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH has been the world's leading and most innovative supplier of RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines in the cable and rubber industry with over 1500 satisfied customers in over 60 countries. A pioneer in the industry - often copied, but unmatched in quality!

In addition to the own brands RS POWDERTECH and RS MULTICUT, a wide range of machines for the rubber and plastics industry from various well-known manufacturers is offered.
A sales network in more than 60 countries guarantees a smooth procurement process thanks to the know-how of the local market. The delivery program includes machines, service, spare parts, tests, maintenance, retrofitting and overhauling.

The RS POWDERTECH powder coating machines type PBA / RSC from ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH stand for world leading technology in this segment.
Since March 2019, the company has been offering a new powder coating machine from the RS POWDERTECH series, model RSC-NG. This machine is the result of consistent further development of the previous machines - from Talk-O-Mat until today.
Due to the completely new development of the electrostatics and the filter system it was possible to simplify the handling, to reduce maintenance costs and to further improve the known powdering quality. With the modular system the machine can be customized to the special application of the customer.

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