HUESTIS Air misers and cable strippers

The HUESTIS air misers are used since many years in the cable, wire and profile industry with best success. The air wipes are of low noise, dry highly efficient and are paid within short since the compressed air consumption is very low because of a special construction. We supply the HUESTIS air wipes with sizes from 1,6 mm up to 178 mm diameter. Special sizes also in rectangular shape are available upon request. They open automatically to allow knots, splices and other oversizes to pass without stopping production or creation of damages. Due to their small size they can be mounted in any cooling line without problems.

The HUESTIS cable stripper is made for stripping respectively skinning of cables and wires with core respectively conductor diameters of 0,8 up to 100 mm. In many cases just the recovery of a drum is paying for the machine.

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