wire South America 2015 with first German national participation

Confirmation of the trade fair concept after a successful premiere in 2013

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The Brazilian market continues to be highly attractive for exhibitors © www.wiresa.com.br

For the second time now the international trade fairs wire South America and TUBOTECH were held jointly at the Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in Brazil from 6 to 8 October 2015.

For wire South America, the 2nd International Trade Fair Wire and Cable, this proved a confirmation of the successful trade fair concept after a successful premiere in 2013.

Although Brazil’s economic growth has slowed down and despite the negative growth expected for 2016, the products of the wire, cable and tube industries are of the same high importance for the Brazilian industry. This holds especially true for the construction and automotive industries as well as for household electronics in general. This is why investors’ interest in presenting themselves on the South American market continues unabated.

“The Brazilian market continues to be highly attractive for our exhibitors,” says Erhard Wienkamp, Division Director at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, and goes on to say optimistically: “Even in tense economic times it is important to fly your flag, make contacts, strengthen partnerships and to prepare business deals. We rely on the Brazilian market and will do our utmost
to develop wire South America further, turning it into an established name in South America.”

Taken together wire South America and Tubotech occupied 32,000 square metres of gross exhibition space with approximately 500 exhibitors. The 1 1 ,000 international trade visitors attending the three-day trade fair primarily came from the oil and gas, automotive, construction industries, metal construction and mining.

At wire South America to the tune of 150 exhibitors from 25 countries presented the latest from the wire and cable industry. For the first time, there was a German national participation comprising 22 German companies that showcased their technologies on the South American market.

Once again, the support of the IWMA - International Wire & Machinery Association, the IWCEA - International Wire & Cable Exhibitors Association, the WCISA - Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association (USA) and the ACIMAF - Italian Wire Machinery Manufacturers Association, could be secured for organising wire South America.

wire South America and Tubotech will again be held concurrently from 3 to 5 October 2017 at the Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

Source and more informtion: www.wire-south-america.com