Web Industries, Inc., is celebrating its 45th year providing industry-leading outsource flexible material converting and innovative contract manufacturing services for the advanced composites, consumer product, medical, industrial, and wire & cable markets.

A classic example of American entrepreneurship, Web was founded in 1969 by Robert Fulton on $10,000 raised from family and friends. Initially serving the rolled goods slitting and spooling market, Web flourished by exceeding the expectations of their clients and their clients' customers, and the company quickly earned a reputation throughout the Northeastern US as the company to trust for precision converting of technically advanced flexible materials.

Over the next four decades, success brought increasingly complex challenges from Web's clients, pushing the company to expand into high-tech manufacturing and value-added services such as product life cycle planning, supply chain management, and final product assembly. Today, Web has seven facilities in six US states and Germany, with over 600,000 square feet of advanced converting and manufacturing capacity, and the company is trusted by industry-leading, market-defining Fortune 100 corporations to protect the quality of their products and the integrity of their brands. Whether travelling by air, caring for a newborn, undergoing medical testing, or accessing the Internet, Web's commitment to excellence makes millions of lives better every day.

"For a company like Web to thrive for 45 years in our markets is a great accomplishment," said Don Romine, Web Industries President and CEO. "Over that time we've successfully transitioned from slitting commoditized rolled paper goods to high-tech converting and manufacturing services for specialized markets like IVD medical testing and aerospace composites. Our focus on continual improvement through innovation, reinvention, and reinvestment in Web's employee-owners has been the key to our success and will continue to guide Web Industries for the next 45 years."

Founder Robert Fulton remains active within the company, serving as Chairman Emeritus on the Board of Directors, and he is proud that the company he founded over four decades ago continues to reflect his guiding values. As a 100% employee-owned company, Web's success is directly related to the success of its clients, with the company engaging in a true role of stewardship not just of its own business but of that of its business partners as well. It is this culture of stewardship that drives the company to continually improve processes, discover new efficiencies, and ultimately provide value for its customers.