VCSELs for sensor technology and data transmission

VCSELs have technical advantages over laser diodes. In conventional edge emitters, light is emitted at one or two sides of the chip. Surface emitters, also known as VCSELs, however, are different. In these semiconductors, light is emitted perpendicular to the surface of the semiconductor chip. Thus, they require a significantly lower operating current and feature excellent temperature stability.

LASER COMPONENTS introduces the new 850 nm high-power VCSELs of its partner Optowell. These components have a threshold current of only 5 mA and a temperature coefficient of 0.06 nm/°C. At an efficiency of typically 0.4 W/A, these VCSELs are available with a cw output power of 10 mW and 20 mW. Both types are available in a TO-46 housing.

These VCSELs have a high data rate of 1.25 Gbps. Thus, they are not only suited for sensor technology but for fast data transmission systems via optical fibers or free beam as well. 10 or 20 mW, 850 nm, 1.25 Gbps High-power VCSELs for Sensor Technology and Data Transmission.