UL certification for PCBs with embedded RFID

Magic-PCB® is an identification solution for the electronic industry

© Beta LAYOUT GmbH

RFID-Chip inside - identifiable and traceable printed circuit board © Beta LAYOUT GmbH

Two years ago Beta LAYOUTs Embedded RFID technology, named Magic-PCB®, was patented in the USA. In a continuing process Beta has evaluated this technology according the US safety standards for Electronic products. As they have recently obtained the Certificate of Compliance from the Underwriters Laboratory they now meet the requirements of the industry.

Magic-PCB® is an identification solution for the electronic industry.

By embedding an RFID module into the Printed Circuit Board, every PCB is identifiable from the cradle to the grave. RFiD simplifies identification by eliminating the need for barcodes and line of sight creating a systematic and thus more efficient solution. Each RFiD module has a unique identifying code and a user memory. Typical fields of application are process control, product security and recycling. This technology is available for prototype PCBs and small volumes using the PCB-POOL® service. High volume production is also possible under license using a specially developed application machine.

Source: Beta LAYOUT GmbH