S178 LDF Splicer for Laser Service

For service teams and production facilities


S178A2 Fusion Splicer © 2015 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

The field splicer FITEL S178LDF is robust and compact; optical fibers with diameters from 125 μm to 450 μm can be spliced with this unit. This device is particularly advantageous for service teams that travel worldwide for laser manufacturers because the S178LDF weighs less than 4 kg, including the service case. You will get the splicer at LASER COMPONENTS.

Splicing can be carried out with a power supply unit or a rechargeable battery. Due to its small dimensions, it takes up only a very small amount of working space.

As long as a PM splice is not required in laser production, the S178LDF is an inexpensive alternative to traditional laboratory splicing units, which are large and expensive. Precise three-axis adjustment can be applied for both the core-to-core alignment and the cladding alignment of fibers. Via the optional smartFUSE software, the fibers can also be actively adjusted to maximum light transmittance.

At LASER COMPONENTS the splicer is also available for testing!

Source: Laser Components GmbH