More than 1,100 multiwire drawing lines of the MMH type engineered and manufactured by Maschinenfabrik Niehoff are in operation all over the world now. Multiwire drawing has become a standard operation procedure in the copper wire industry - and Niehoff has a remarkable share in this development.  Not only the copper wire, but also the aluminum wire industry benefits from it.

In close cooperation with aluminum wire manufacturers, Niehoff has expanded the MMH technology successfully to the multiwire drawing of aluminum and aluminum alloys wires. One of Niehoff’s highlights at the wire 2014 trade fair was the drawing line type MMH 104 / RMA 201 designed for the simultaneous drawing of 8 or 16 aluminum or aluminum alloy wires to a minimum final diameter of 0.15 mm. The MMH type lines launched in the mid 1980s are based on a modular construction concept and can be perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

Regardless of the actual material, the wires drawn on such lines show highly homogeneous characteristics which surpass the strictest specifications and processing requirements. They are ideally suited for downstream processes such as high-quality stranding or braiding.

Because of the MMH machines' advanced construction and operation concept, more and more new units are ordered and existing MMH machines - even those of the first generations - are upgraded and modernized by Niehoff specialists.

Complete Solutions from a Single Source

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff with an experience of more than 60 years engineers and manufactures - except for extruders - nearly all machinery needed for the production of wires made from non ferrous metals as well as automotive, data and special cables. The portfolio includes technical assistance by specialists who speak the languages of the customers, the reliable supply with original Niehoff spare and wear parts, machinery inspection, upgrade and maintenance measures as well as machine operator and maintenance training courses.

The Group employs about 750 employees worldwide and operates from its headquarters, five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.