New oxygen sensor module

Compact and modular design for demanding applications


FCX: New oxygen sensor module © PEWATRON AG

Pewatron has released a new oxygen sensor module that can be used in many different applications and in several configurations. The key element of the sensor module is the oxygen sensor from Fujikura; it is an amperometric solid-state sensor with high output accuracy, a short response time to gas concentration changes and ruggedness against pressure change, humidity and other gases.

The non-amplified signal from the oxygen sensor is in the range of micro amps and non-linear. The FCX-MC sensor module is a signal-conditioning unit that gives the user the option of different sensor output modes, such as analogous linearised current output (0-20 mA), analogous linearised voltage output (0-10V) or a digital output using the RS485 communication protocol. As the total power consumption is low (< 3W), the FCX-MC oxygen sensor module is suitable for mobile applications.

The oxygen sensor is configured either in a flow configuration with connectors for hosing or in a diffusion configuration. In the flow configuration, the sensor encapsulation is an aluminium flow housing, enabling analysis of oxygen concentrations from small sample extracts. The sensor can be placed on the sensor module PCB board for easy integration into transmitters or connected to the sensor module PCB board via cables in either configuration. The FCX-MC module supports cable lengths of up to 10 metres.

The oxygen sensor can withstand gas temperatures as high as 250°C. The output oxygen concentration is highly linear and the accuracy is better than 1% FS with a response time for gas concentration changes of below 10 seconds. Concentration ranges are from 0 to 25 vol % and 0 to 95 vol % O2.