New high voltage vacuum feedthroughs

GES introduces its new Series-VF for up to 8 kVDC / 80 A in vacuum

© GES Electronic & Service GmbH

High Voltage Vacuum Feedthroughs for up to 8 kVDC / 80 A © Photo 2015 Mihai Simonia

GES Electronic & Service – a leader in high voltage connectivity – introduces its new Series-VF.
These high voltage vacuum feedthroughs are needed to efficiently inject energy into vacuum systems.

Series-VF is available in three variants: with a welded adapter in nickel-iron alloy (NiFe42) or with stainless steel flanges in ISO- (KF-flange) or Conflat- (CF-flange) designs. The Vacuum feeds can be supplied with flanges in either single or multiple versions. The modular design enables the assembly with non-standard tube lengths on request.

Series-VF is assembled in Fenite-Element-Methode (FEM), is available in configurations of up to 4 pins and suitable for operating voltages of up to 8 kVDC at a rated current of up to 80 A. The electrical isolation is ensured by a Metal-Ceramic-Composite (Al2O3 96%) while the conductors can either be of a nickel-iron-alloy (NiFe42) or copper (depending on the current) or of nickel on request. The operable temperature range is from -150°C to 450°C, the surface resistance of the glazed ceramic tested at 5 kVDC exceeds 1x1012 Ohm while the electrical resistance is at 109 Ohm.

The Vacuum feedthroughs of Series-VF are routinely tested at a helium leak rate of 10-8 mbarL/s (less on request). Since the electrical properties such as maximum voltage or current loading are measured under atmospheric conditions considerably higher values apply under vacuum.

The high voltage products of GES Electronic & Service are worldwide proven in a multitude of high voltage applications and are seen as a reliable, durable and well-engineered solution within their segment.

Source: GES Electronic & Service