Networkers advance their business models further

Successful kick-off event at the Robotation Academy in Hannover

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The collaborative MICA network has commenced its activities. Numerous users, providers and developers now met for the first time on Thursday at the Robotation Academy in Hannover. The network aims to further develop and raise the profile of ‘Industrie 4.0’ and IoT applications.

“The community seeks to encourage regular exchange between all participants, very much in line with the principle of collaborative networking,” remarked Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Director of Product Management at HARTING IT Software Development. A total of 14 companies in the MICA network are already relying on MICA as a future-oriented basis for their own system solutions and wish to develop it as part of the MICA network, as they highlighted in various presentations at the inaugural event. These companies include akquinet tech@spree, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik, Cybus, Dimension Data, Favendo, Nemetris, IMMS, iTiZZimo, Logi.cals, PCO, Salt and Pepper, SDI Project Automation and TechniaTranscat.

The participating companies contribute expertise and decades of experience from a wide range of sectors of industry covering intralogistics, the supply chain, decentral MES solutions, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, the integration of existing machinery and plant fleets into modern IT systems, after-sales service, improvement of machinery efficiency, wireless sensor networks and augmented reality.

All solutions benefit from MICA’s concept of open hardware and software. Users can develop and enhance such solutions themselves or rely on existing modules through collaboration in the “The network is a win-win situation – the experts present their own applications but also benefit from the solutions of other network participants,” added Regtmeier.

The founding members are seeking to drive forward ideas about MICA. User meetings and the development of joint offerings and marketing activities are planned.