Miniature high voltage connector

Series-VarioPro ClipLock - up to 13 kVDC / 13 A in small format

© GES Electronic & Service GmbH

Miniature high voltage connector VarioPro ClipLock © GES Electronic & Service GmbH

GES Electronic & Service introduces a significant optimization of its miniature HV-Connector. Series-VarioPro ClipLock is suitable for operational voltages up to 13kVDC (testing voltage 20 kVDC) at currents up to 13 A. By a mechanical coding of the insulation design it was made even more user-friendly and fool-proof.

Besides the previously existing 2- or 3-pole variant a single-pin design with a one-sided clip-lock now is available too. Due to the insulation materials excellent friction- and wear-properties the use of PBT improves the durability and operational safety of the interconnection even more. Silver- or gold-plated crimp contacts for AWG 26–14 are optionally available. All variants of Series-VarioPro ClipLock are suitable for either equipment installation or a levitated connection.

Series VarioPro provides excellent performance, flexibility and reliability at minimal space requirements, weight and installation effort. Areas of application mainly are analysis-, laboratory-, medical- and testing- & monitoring technologies as well as power electronics in general.

Source: GES Electronic & Service GmbH