Metal content plastics can reduce risk of production contamination

Undetected contamination of a production batch is a costly scenario

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Detectable plastic parts can reduce the risk of costly contamination for food and beverage manufacturers © HellermannTyton GmbH

Undetected contamination of a production batch with a foreign object is a costly scenario for any food or beverage manufacturer, not just confectionary items like the SNICKERS®, MARS® and MILKY WAY® products currently in the media spotlight. Yet, with regard to plastic cable accessories, the risk of these landing undetected in production lines can be minimised by installing detectable metal content parts.

The recent product recall announced by Mars, Incorporated*, because a small piece of plastic was found by a consumer in a chocolate bar, highlights the difficulty of detecting rogue pieces of plastic that inadvertently contaminate foodstuffs during their production.

Many food and beverage products on supermarket shelves are household names and their brand reputation depends on assured safety and hygiene processes.

“HellermannTyton has been working in collaboration with leading food and beverage manufacturers over the past decade to improve the detectability of plastic parts used in their production plants, so that the risk of contamination posed by plastic cable accessories fitted around production lines can be managed,” said Thomas Tyll, Head of European Product Management at HellermannTyton. “Consequently, we were the first company to supply the market with detectable cable ties made from plastic with metal content, and we continue to lead the way with next generation of detectable cable accessory solutions.”

HellermannTyton now manufactures a complete range of professional cable accessories made from plastic with metal content, which can be detected by the metal detection and x-ray equipment food and beverage producers commonly use in their control points.

“The even dispersion of metal particles throughout our products means that small fragments of cable ties, fixing mounts or cable covers, that might be cut or damaged during maintenance, can be easily detected before potentially reaching consumers and catapulting a food manufacturer into the media spotlight,” said Tyll.

For example, metal content cable management solutions such as HellermannTyton’s MCTS detectable cable ties are detectable from a ferrous sphere setting of 1.0 mm to 3.4 mm using industry-accepted measurement techniques.

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